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Mid Year Study Intensive

Do you prefer to learn face to face? Does your learning style appreciate discussion and collaboration? What about starting a postgraduate unit in Christian education with a two day study intensive with fellow Christian educators and a dedicated lecturer (then continuing the unit through our eLearning portal with all the normal features and resources)?


Mid Year Study Intensive (coinciding with ITEC15) 

We can now confirm that the following intensive classes will be held at the Post-ITEC15 “Linger and Learn” study intensive.  This is an opportunity for anyone (even if not registered for ITEC15) to start a postgraduate unit in this format.


Units/Classes Offered

ED500 Foundations of Christian EducationSimon Matthews (Lecturer)

EDE501/EDL501 Worldview Assumptions in EducationDr Ken Dickens (Senior Lecturer/Principal)

EDE520 Ways of LearningMiriam Lili (Lecturer)

ED579 Appraisal of Professional LearningLindsey Graieg (Lecturer)


The Details

16 and 17 July
8.30 – 4.30
Bayside Christian School
Langwarrin South, Melbourne
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Online Learning

All participants will be enrolled into one of the National Institutes postgraduate courses where all units are completed via the online eLearning Portal. Postgraduate courses offered by the Institute are:

Graduate Diploma in Education
Masters of Education
Masters of Education (Leadership)


Register Now

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You will also need to enrol in the appropriate unit/course via the National Institute online enrolment portal.

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Appraisal of Professional Learning

You all do it. Educators can’t help themselves. Even more so for Christian educators. You appraise the professional learning activities and resources that you experience. How do I apply this to my classroom practice; how does this fit with current research in education; and importantly, how do the assumptions about the purpose of education, the nature of a child, and the place of relationship etc. that are evident, fit with a biblical worldview?

You can formalise this appraisal and potentially use it towards postgraduate credit within a National Institute for Christian Education course – GradDipEd, MEd, MEd(Leadership).

ED579 Appraisal of Professional Learning

In this unit students will critically evaluate and review 3 professional development activities (could be three different sessions at the one large conference like ITEC15) that they have participated in. Evaluation will be made in light of educational practice and the contribution that the training makes towards Christian education and will involve writing reflections and some additional reading and research.

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Can I use ITEC15 towards postgraduate credit?

Well, you can’t just turn up to ITEC15 (or any other professional learning event) and count your attendance as credit in a Masters or Graduate Diploma course – now that would be nice!

However, we do have the unit ED579 Appraisal of Professional Learning that allows for the critical appraisal, evaluation, further research/reading, and reflection on practice following a professional learning event, to be submitted for potential credit.

Three learning events (EG. three sessions at ITEC15), three appraisals and submission towards ED579, and you could be gaining credit towards your Masters or Graduate Diploma in Education.

If you haven’t started yet but have been considering a Masters or Graduate Diploma, and you are attending ITEC15, then here is your chance to launch your postgraduate study at the same time.


Linger and Learn

You might also like to join fellow ITEC15 attendees (with a lecturer/tutor) in a Study Intensive in the two days after ITEC15. This is a great way to learn, get study tips and guidance, and to discuss and collaborate with fellow learners.

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