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From the Principal

We trust that this newsletter finds you well and continuing to grow in your understanding and passion for Christian education. Institute staff have been involved in State conferences this year in Victoria and South Australia (some resources can be found below) and will be participating in conferences this month in Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia. As well as specific Institute input delegates are always able to use their participation in these conferences towards a postgraduate qualification with the Institute. Participants at the recent Developing Leaders’ Conference have also been encouraged to use this event towards postgraduate study.

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Professional Development at the NSW CEN Conference

Be inspired to teach redemptively in: Creative and Performing Arts, Science, PDHPE, Mathematics, English, History, Pre-School

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$2000 cap on claiming education expenses

The government is planning to set a $2000 cap on how much people can claim on work-related expenses for education and includes qualifications, tuition fees, textbooks, stationery and travel expenses. Enrol now and make the most of the 3 remaining semesters before this comes into effect in July 2014!

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Foundations of Christian Education MAITLAND

Join us Maitland to kick start a unit with an intensive 2 days of study in a seminar with Dr Geoff Beech.

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Worldviews and Education SYDNEY

Join us Sydney to kick start a unit with an intensive 3 days of study in a seminar with Melissa Brown.

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Foundations of Christian Education DARWIN

Join us in Darwin to kick start a unit with an intensive 4 days of study in a seminar with Chris Parker.

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Everyday theology and the stories that shape us

VIDEO: 10 minute presentation by Justine Toh at the Victorian CEN Conference

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A Day in the life of a Digital Family

VIDEO: 10 minute presentation by Chris Parker at the Victorian CEN Conference

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Christians should begin by affirming what is good

VIDEO: 10 minute presentation by Ken Dickens at the Victorian CEN Conference

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Sad news

Please find following the information about the passing of two dear friends of the National Institute for Christian Education.

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