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Units Offered in the GradDipEd

This course is integrated with the Master of Education (MEd). It provides both a possible stepping stone into the MEd and an exit point for those doing the MEd. If a student who is enrolled in the GradDipEd wants to use their credit points towards an MEd they can apply for this (though they will need to surrender their GradDipEd then complete the remaining 36 credit points). Students enrolled in the MEd who complete 36 units may choose to ‘exit’ at this point with a GradDipEd instead of the MEd.

Students must complete 1 core unit and 3 elective units. This is 9 credit point plus 27 credit points making a total of 36 credit points.

NB: If you enrolled prior to Semester 1 2015 click here to read about important changes.



ED500 Foundations of Christian Education (9 credit points)

EDE501 Worldview Assumptions in Education (9 credit points)



EDE510 Teachers as Curriculum Developers (9 credit points)

ED512 Assessment for Learning (9 credit points)

EDE520 Ways of Learning (9 credit points)

EDE542 Understanding Innovation in Schools (9 credit points)

EDE543 Reflective Teaching Practice (9 credit points)

EDE545 Inclusion in Education (9 credit points)

EDE551 Issues in Teaching Mathematics (9 credit points)

EDE555 Technology and Education (9 credit points)

EDE556 ICT Integration and Effective Pedagogy (9 credit points)

EDE531 Directed Reading (Education) (9 credit points)

ED570 Trends in Education: A Philosophical, Historical and Contemporary Overview (9 credit points)

ED575 Vision and Mission of Christian Schooling in Australia (9 credit points)

ED579 Appraisal of Professional Learning (9 credit points)

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