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Units Offered in MEd(Leadership)

To complete the MEd(Leadership), students need to acquire 72 credit points. Each unit of study is typically worth 9 credit points (exceptions for Major and Minor Thesis units). Ideally, a student will begin with the core units and either finish with the capstone unit or a research thesis depending on their Course Progression Stream.

NB: If you enrolled prior to Semester 1 2015 click here to read about important changes.



ED500 Foundations of Christian Education (9 credit points)

EDL501 Worldview Assumptions in Educational Leadership (9 credit points)

EDL560 Leadership in an Educational Community Shaped by a Biblical Vision (compulsory 9 credit points)

EDL563 Leadership: Contemporary Perspectives and Challenges (compulsory 9 credit points)




Leadership Strand

EDL561 Leadership for Quality Teaching (9 credit points)

EDL573 Stakeholder Relationships in the Christian School Community  (9 credit points)


Contextual Studies Strand

EDL567 The Professional Development of Educators (9 credit points)

ED570 Trends in Education: A Philosophical, Historical and Contemporary Overview (9 credit points)

ED575 The Vision and Mission of Christian Schooling in Australia (9 credit points)

ED579 Appraisal of Professional Learning (9 credit points)


Capstone Unit

EDL583 Educational Leadership Project (9 credit points)


Research Strand

ED591 Research Methods in Education (9 credit points)

EDL592 Minor Research Thesis in Educational Leadership (18 credit points)

EDL593 Major Research Thesis in Educational Leadership (27 credit points)



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