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REMINDER to Existing Students (passwords)

Late last year you would have received an email from us with new login details.  These login details are for both Moodle and the new Enrolment Portal.

Please note the following important login issues:

1. For many of you, a ‘space’ character was erroneously added to the end of your password.  This means that if you copy and paste your password into the site you will need to delete the last character.  Alternatively, you can simply type your password in manually.

2. The Enrolment Portal is the ‘mother ship’ so if you would like to reset your password, you will need to do this through the Enrolment Portal (not through Moodle).

3. When you log into the Enrolment Portal you will notice a list of your previous enrolments.  We are currently in the process of bringing our new database up to speed with data from our old database.  So don’t stress if you notice that your completed units are listed as ‘incomplete’ (or any other discrepancy)!  We will be tidying things up over the next few months.

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