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Appraisal of Professional Learning

You all do it. Educators┬ácan’t help themselves. Even more so for Christian educators. You appraise the professional learning activities and resources that you experience. How do I apply this to my classroom practice; how does this fit with current research in education; and importantly, how do the assumptions about the purpose of education, the nature of a child, and the place of relationship etc. that are evident, fit with a biblical worldview?

You can formalise this appraisal and potentially use it towards postgraduate credit within a National Institute for Christian Education course – GradDipEd, MEd, MEd(Leadership).

ED579 Appraisal of Professional Learning

In this unit students will critically evaluate and review 3 professional development activities (could be three different sessions at the one large conference like ITEC15) that they have participated in. Evaluation will be made in light of educational practice and the contribution that the training makes towards Christian education and will involve writing reflections and some additional reading and research.

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