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CEO Welcome

This is the last CEN eNews for 2017, and what a year it has been! We give thanks to the Lord for his sovereignty and grace through all of the challenges and celebrations that this year has brought. Some things haven’t been easy, and we could collectively testify to massive changes in our cultural landscape. Through all of this, it is our responsibility as people of God to proclaim His gospel with grace and clarity.  I encourage you and your school to continue focussing strongly on your vi sion and mission and let that shine! During a recent vi sit from Joel Westa (CEO, Christian Schools International) I found this quote that he shared to be quite sobering and a great call to action. I hope you also find it helpful.


New NSW State Executive Officer

We are very pleased to have announced that two new SEOs are joining our CEN team. Mrs Rachel McClure is stepping in to the NSW SEO and CEN Hub CEO roles for our NSW schools. Stepping out of a deputy role at Emmaus Christian School in Canberra and into these new ‘shoes’ will be very ex citing for Rachel and for us. Rachel has already vi sited most of the NSW schools with Kathy Pereira in a recent road t rip. We welcome Rachel to our team.

Click here for the official announcement of Rachel’s app ointment.

New SA State Executive Officer

We are also pleased to announce the app ointment of Fiona Partridge to the South Australian SEO role. Fiona is well known to the wider CEN community and will serve our SA schools well. In addition to her role, Fiona will also be working for CEN in the area of professional development resources, as well as doing some additional presenting and engaging with The National Institute. Fiona and I will be vi siting SA schools in the coming week together.

Click here for the official announcement of Fiona’s app ointment.

Farewell and Welcome to Kathy Pereira

Although we are saying farewell to Kathy Pereira as she heads to serve schools in Tonga in mid January, we are also (very excitedly) welcoming her to a new part time role at CEN. Kathy has a passion for good Governance and has already been heavily involved in the development of our Governance modules (see the section below where you can acc ess them). Kathy is taking on an ongoing role within CEN, coordinating the area of Governance for our organisation, and providing resources for our boards. Kathy will be working remotely (literally, in Tonga) for 2018.

New Principal at Wycliffe Christian School

The board of Wycliffe Christian School were pleased to announce the app ointment of their new Principal, Mr David Johnston. David will be commencing at Wycliffe in January and is currently finishing his role as Principal of Pacific Valley Christian School in Maclean, NSW. Click here to check out this introductory video of David from the Wycliffe website. We look forward to getting to know David.

The school is very grateful for the support offered over the latter part of this year by Acting Principal, Kathy Pereira.

New Principal at Newstead Christian School

Bronwyn Eastley, Principal of Newstead Christian School in Launceston, has made the decision to retire from school leadership at the end of this year. Bronwyn has served this little school community with great passion and commitment and she will certainly be missed. It has been recently announced that Ms Di Hooley has been appointed as the new Principal, we look forward to welcoming you to the CEN community, Di.  Jon Targett (current staff member at Newstead) has been appointed to the newly developed Assistant Principal role.

New Principal at Circular Head Christian School

Many of you would know Patrick Bakes from Circular Head Christian School from Smithton, Tasmania. Patrick has been the Principal of the school since 2007, and is finishing at the end of this year. Patrick has spent this term on long service leave and will attend official farewells at the end of this year. Patrick intends to stay in Smithton and work at the school as a teacher.
The school announced Ara Popowski as the new Principal for 2018. Ara will be quite familiar to many of you as she has been working in a team with Patrick for a number of years. Congratulations on your app ointment, Ara!

National Institute for Christian Education Updates – Director’s Chat

I was privileged to recently spend some days presenting to the SPH group of schools in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was a truly rich time of fellowship, and as I reflected on the trip, it is most evident that what we have here within the local CEN community, is something very special. To watch and listen to another culture, as they busily engaged with elements of our Foundations and Transformation by Design courses was memorable. To see the gospel preached and quality Christian education encouraged at SPH was greatly encouraging. Your prayer for ongoing National Institute opportunities in developing countries, such as Indonesia, is appreciated.

With that in mind, I would like to personally thank all our students (teachers) who have participated in a unit of work (or several) this year with the National Institute. Working and studying at the same time is no mean feat and it is our prayer that your study has enhanced both your teaching practice, along with your personal walk with God.

In addition, we are indebted to the many schools and associations across the CEN network who continue to invest in the training and development of their staff by supporting postgraduate study at the National Institute.

The National Institute does not run without the tireless efforts of its lecturing team, led by our Academic Dean, Dr. Beth Beech. Thank you for all that you do in this critical space of postgraduate education.

The National Institute continues to reflect and prepare for the future of Christian education. I look forward to sharing more on this in the New Year.

Academic Dean Update

The National Institute for Christian Education has been busy this year with 142 students from across Australia enrolled in 179 Master of Education and Master of Education (Leadership) units. We are happy to announce that the following students (teachers) will be graduating in March:

1. Cheryl Brennan (MEd) – Illawarra Christian School
2. Jason Brown (GradDipEd) – Mount Evelyn Christian School
3. Olivia Chapman (GradDipEd) – Wagga Wagga Christian College
4. David Cobb (MEd(L) – Richmond Christian College
5. Jannet De Bruyn (MEd) – Leighland Christian School – Ulverstone
6. Rosy Ebenezar (MEd(L) – Peniel Schools (India)
7. Stephen Ey (MEd(L) – Tyndale Christian School
8. Joanne Fahey (MEd(L) – Illawarra Christian School
9. Ben Heckathorn (MEd) – Maranatha Christian School
10. Dale Hemley (MEd(L) – Christian College Geelong
11. David Keane (MEd(L) – Northern Territory (No school)
12. Louisa Kee (MEd) – New Zealand
13. Susan Pedler (MEd) – Torrens Valley Christian School
14. Daniela Repse (GradDipEd) – Mount Evelyn Christian School
15. Chad Robertson (MEd) – Palmerston Christian School
16. Jennifer Staj (MEd) – Covenant Christian School
17. Alastair Walker (MEd(L) – Tyndale Christian School
18. Geoffrey Xeros (MEd(L) – Wagga Wagga Christian College
19. Lara Curtis-Morris (MEd(L) – Bayside Christian College

Our Institute lecturers also have continued their academic growth and studies: Miriam Lili completed a second master’s degree – Master of Applied Theatre Studies and I completed one in Theological Studies. Jacqui Stok completed a Graduate Diploma of Divinity. Pete Muddle commenced his doctoral studies. Dr Jill Ireland recently presented an academic paper at Cambridge University in England and several others have presented academic papers recently or will be doing so in the coming months. We are blessed to have such quality academic faculty within the National Institute!

2018 will bring some exciting updates and new units of study. If you have not started your postgraduate studies with the National Institute, I invite you to consider trying your first unit as a non-credit student just to give it a try! From there you can decide your further course of study.

We have bright, new Master of Education and Master of Education (Leadership) brochures. Please let Paul Badman or I know if or when you want more for your staff room or offices.

Beth Beech

Professional Development for Christian Educators

The National Institute for Christian Education and CEN continue to develop gospel-shaped professional development for staff teams and parents in Christian schools. Many schools have booked in workshops for January for teachers and support staff. Opportunities are still available by contacting Chris Parker

Workshops available in:

Curriculum Design
Foundations of Christian Education
Foundations of Biblical Literacy
Christian Pedagogy

NEW What is Christian Education? Online Course

We are excited to launch the new “What is Christian Education?” f ree 2hr course. This online resource is perfect for new parents to the school, as induction for parents joining the association, or for new staff as they get their head around the basics of Christian education for the first time.

The course consists of:

Module 1    Introduction
Module 2   Biblically grounded education
Module 3   Stories as a lens for viewing the world
Module 4   A view of the world shaped by the Bible
Module 5   The Christian school
Module 6   The importance of parents
Module 7   Frequently asked questions
Module 8   Additional links
Module 9   Conclusion

Click here to access the course without having to login. Please feel free to share this link with anyone you know in any school context if you think it would be helpful.

NEW Resources for Sharing the Gospel

Mark Roques has published a new resource designed to help people (teachers) with creative ways to talk about the Christian faith. Mark is a brilliant gospel communicator and this book provides not only a compelling argument for sharing the gospel through narrative but he provides a healthy suite of stories that teachers could draw upon to use in devotions, biblical studies classes, or assemblies etc.

We have imported a box of The Spy, the Rat and the Bed of Nails and they are available for pur chase from the CEN eStore.

Click here to pur chase.

Time to Re-order WELCOME Brochures

Do you have end of year events that might have prospective parents attending? Need to replenish for start of the year enquiries? Any parent information nights or open days? The Welcome to Christian Education Brochure is a wonderful addition to any information or promotional material that you might give out. Many schools are including them in their prospectus bundle.

Is it time to replenish your supply or to make an order for that spe cial event?

Click here to view the brochure and to make an order

NEW Online Board Governance Modules

After much anticipation, we are delighted to bring you CEN’s online Board Governance Modules. These are part of our strategic direction to support our boards in their roles as Directors. Good governance is essential to our schools being compliant, effective, and strong. Board members currently serving on the boards of CEN schools are welcome to access these modules for free (charges apply for non-CEN members).

Click here to enquire or enrol.

These can be used by individuals or as a board together. The courses are accredited training in NSW (to contribute to NSW registration requirements, not yet relevant in others states).

CEN is grateful for the work of Kathy Pereira, Yvonne Bradley, Geoff Bateman, and Chris Parker on this project.

NEW Online Board Member Induction Course

As part of CEN’s online Board Governance Modules, we bring to your attention a course dedicated to inducting new board members. Although all board members would find all board modules of benefit, this course is specifically designed as a short course to bring a new board member’s attention to the vision and issues involved with being on a board.

The course consists of:

Module 1 Introduction
Module 2 School vision, mission, and values
Module 3 Board authority
Module 4 The legal ‘hats’
Module 5 Board meetings
Module 6 Basic financial understanding
Module 7 Board/principal relations
Module 8 Board induction checklist
Module 9 Board induction quiz

Click here to enquire or enrol in the Board Member Induction Course.

Governance Conference Reflection

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting the Godly Governance Conference. Held in Sydney this year, we welcomed delegates from 20 Associations, most of the delegates being board members or board chairs. With delegates coming from WA, NT, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, and TAS, it was a wonderful mix, a great time of fellowship, and building in partnership.

This year there were a few key areas that were addressed:
· Confidence around compliance
· Key relationships between the principal, leadership, and the board.
· Biblical Governance
· Contract law
· Risk Management

We commenced with a Conference Dinner, at which, Yvonne Bradley gave us four helpful ‘We remember’ statements to consider as we look ‘Beyond the Horizon’. Later in the evening, through a role play activity, Yvonne illustrated the complexity of relationships between the school and Board.

Each day we began with Gerry Beimers leading us in devotions, challenging us to consider in the light of scripture, what are the paradoxes of our boards. Also, what are the risks, weakness and hardship paradoxes facing your Board.

Anne Robinson and Peter Wilson from Prolegis Lawyers joined us to share tips for good governance and contract law. With an interesting note about the different types of ‘hats’ we may wear, ‘Governance Hats’, ‘Volunteer Hats’ or possibly an ‘Implementer Hat’ – but only one at a time! During a few sessions with Bruce Whitehead from ‘Mock Court International’ we were challenged to think carefully about Risk Management and our part in implementing policies. Part of the session involved a number of our board members participating in a mock court scenario and with convincing performances from all, it was a very entertaining morning.

Rod Thompson looked at 2 Peter 3:10-14 as he unpacked a biblical framework for governance and gave us time to consider a series of challenging grounded questions. Kathy Pereira looked at the changing shape and culture of our world and how we navigate it. Then, joined by Michelle Dempsey, unpacked and explained some resources and supports that CEN offers to associations and schools.

Merryn Van Bremen the Board Chair from Mountain District Christian School reflected, ‘We enjoyed the opportunity to build relationship with other board members from other states, discuss current hot topics, share ideas and resources and to be educated and entertained all at the same time!’

If you know of someone from your school who attended the conference, and you haven’t yet had the chance, I encourage you to have a chat with them and hear more.

Nina Edlin

NEW The Frog and the Fish eBook and AudioBook

Many schools have pur chased sets of this new resource to give to graduating students as a graduation gift. Chris (the author) has received a number of personal messages from teachers who have read and felt personally encouraged and challenged by the worldview/cultural reflections. The stories we have received about people integrating the resource into curriculum at schools and training colleges has been encouraging.

Would make an excellent Christmas gift for a young adult that you know.


NEW eBook version now available

Click here to access eBook version.


NEW audio book version available

The audio book has been uploaded to multiple audio book suppliers and is awaiting processing. Click here to express interest and we will send you the link as soon as it’s processed.


Have you reviewed the Study Guides yet?

There is a Study Guide for each of the big issues chapters that have discussion starters, key Bible passages, stimulus videos, and challenge questions.

Click here for Study Guides.

About the book

The Frog and the Fish: Reflections on Work, Technology, Sex, Stuff, Truth, and Happiness, is a powerful and challenging book for young adults (and parents and teachers) that explores the shaping effects of our culture through asking big questions and reflecting on big issues. Questions raised within the book include:

· Who are we, really?
· What’s the nature and purpose of the world?
· Why is there so much injustice and what can we do about it?
· What is the purpose of work?
· Are there traps with technology?
· What about sex and self-image?
· What’s the place of stuff in our lives?
· Does absolute truth exist?
· Is there a source of ultimate happiness?


Book website

Click here to visit the book’s website for more information and additional resources.

Click here to purchase.

Kevin Knight Intensive Update

During October and November, we had the privilege of having Kevin Knight from the New Zealand Graduate School of Edu cation host two intensives, training teachers and principals as lead mentors in Kevin’s “8 People” teacher improvement program. The relationship we have with the Graduate School is very sp ecial and will continue to produce fruit. Discussions continue around partnership and acc ess to the 8 People IP.

2018 Conferences


6-8 March             Principals and Executives Conference – Hobart

19-20 May            CEN National Conference and AGM – Canberra

26-28 June           Developing Leaders Conference – Melbourne

26-28 June           Teaching and Learning Conference – Melbourne

11-12 August        Nurture Conference – Sydney

23 Sept – 8 Oct    Canadian Study Tour

15-17 Nov            Governance Conference – Sydney  

Executives Conference

Registrations are now open for the Executives Conference for 2018.


Come and join us for fantastic fellowship, teaching and networking as we grapple with ‘The Elephants in the Room’. We are pleased to announce that the conference will feature Patricia Weerakoon, Dr Stephen Stathis and Bruce Whitehead from Mock Court International, to name a few.

Click here to register.

Click here for more information.

National Conference and AGM

Plans are underway for our National Conference and AGM which will be held on the 19 – 20 May 2018 at the Mercure Ho tel, Canberra.

Save the date in your calendars now!

Canadian Study Tour

The Canadian Study Tour departs Australia on 23 September and leaves Vancouver, Canada on 7 October. There are many adventures and opp ortunities on the tour including school vi sits, leadership masterclass, input from Christian educators seeking better practice, attendance to the Christian Schools Canada Leadership Conference and ‘Deeper Learning’ experience. The tour will take us from Toronto Ontario, to the capital city, Ottawa, on to Calgary, Alberta and finishes in Vancouver, British Columbia. Sight seeing will be inevitable as well as a short t rip to Banff and Lake Louise.

All flights, accommodation, transport, and many meals included.

Please contact Melinda Storm  to register your interest and glean more information.

Nurture Update

The December edition of Nurture is currently on its way to schools (if it has not already arrived).

In this edition, readers will find articles such as:

·      Your Teen Doesn’t Want to Go to Church?
·      Reformation: 500 Years
·      Why I Love Leading a Christian School!
·      Praying For Our Kids at School
·      Summer Reading List
·      10 Tips on Celebrating Christmas with your Child
·      Association Membership: Doing and Being
·      2017 Photo Com petition Winners
·      The Frog and The Fish Review
·      Nurture Conference Reflections
·      Thank you to those who serve our community

We hope your community enjoys this next edition, feedback is always welcome.

Consultancy Update

Don’t forget to contact Melinda or Michelle if you would like to arrange a consultancy quotation for your school.

Consultancies include:

–   Governance (Board Review)
–   360 degree review
     o  Principal
     o  Deputies
     o  Executive teams
     o  Middle Management
     o  Business Managers
     o  Chaplains
     o  Teaching and Learning Coordinator / leader

–   Financial Overview
–   Quality Teaching / Performance and development
     o  Student perceptions – How well am I learning?

–   Community Response
     o  Parent Satisfaction
     o  Staff Satisfaction
     o  Student Satisfaction (perceptions on all of school life)

–   Packages
     o  Whole School review
     o  Governance / Principal Review
     o  Administration and Finance

–  Recruitment
     o  Principals / CEO
     o  Business Managers
     o  Deputies

Christian Teachers Journal Reader Survey

Thank you you to those that have taken the time to complete the quick reader survey for the Christian Teachers Journal. If you are a subscriber and you have not completed the survey, could you please take approximately 3-4 mins to do so now.

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