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Our recent CEN National Conference/AGM was a fabulous expression of community and fellowship. The ‘Old Ainslie’ ho tel lived up to its reputation and warmth by being a lovely ven ue as well.  From the challenging words of Darren Iselin, to good food and fellowship, we can rejoice in the Lord over a wonderful gathering.  

National Conference/AGM Resources

Please follow the link below to ac cess the relevant resources from the National Conference/AGM. Visit our podcast site as well for other podcasts from various conferences.

Click here to ac cess the resources.

New Office Manager

We are delighted to welcome Julie Badman to our National Office team as our new Office Manager. Already right at home in the office, Julie comes into our community from a church administration position .  As a Mum of kids who attended Wycliffe Christian School, Julie is excited about being a part of our office, and like the rest of our national office staff, is keen to serve our member schools.

New Nurture Editor

We are also delighted to welcome Nina Edlin to the role of editor of Nurture parenting magazine.  Nina has a passion for Christian Edu cation and currently serves on the board for Nepean Christian School.  With a background in administration, Nina is not totally new to our office as she served the office in various roles between 2005–2008. We warmly welcome Nina back into this new role.  The latest issue of Nurture is due in schools soon, so look out for Nina’s editorial piece.

Institute Director Report

The recent CEN National Conference and AGM in Canberra was an excellent time of learning, reflecting, celebrating, and looking forward to what our Lord is going to achieve in Christian education in the years to come. With such a rich history to our network of schools, it is critical to always be reminded as to why CEN schools have such a distinct approach to educating the children that God has placed under our care.

On a personal note, I was greatly encouraged at my inaugural National Conference by the many conversations that stemmed from Darren’s keynote address for our schools to remain ‘on purpose’ at all times. With many of our schools entering into that period of generational change, the message from Darren was both timely and appropriate. If you missed it, can I encourage you to check out Darren’s talk on the National Institutes podcast page:

The National Institute will continue to play a significant role in supporting you, our CEN schools, in your pursuit of quality education from within a biblical frame. Currently, we are busy working through a wide range of new initiatives and projects, and we look forward to sharing more detail over the coming months.

I would like to personally thank the many schools who continue to financially support the National Institute via the annual Consortium Fund. This support is critical to the ongoing improvement and development of the National Institute. It enables us to strategically plan towards an even more robust and forward thinking Institute, for the betterment of CEN teachers right around the country.

We are very excited to be providing ‘Kickstarter’ postgraduate units at a number of state conferences throughout July to further assist CEN teachers with their study. Having Dr Rod Thompson take some of our NSW teachers through EDE501 Worldview in Education is a real treat.

In closing, I am very much looking forward to visiting each state throughout the back end of 2017 and learning more about each school community. Thank you again for your kind welcome and regular encouragement. It is very much appreciated.

Dr Elizabeth Beech Represents the National Institute at Recent IAPCHE Conference

Our Academic Dean, Dr Elizabeth Beech, recently represented the National Institute at the 3rd Biennial NA Regional Conference on Internationalising Christian Higher Edu cation at Calvin College, Michigan. Hosted by the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Edu cation (IAPCHE), and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), the conference highlighted the need to have a deeper “understanding of how Christian higher edu cation can help shape culturally adept Christians who can serve God’s peace and justice in our troubled world.” With deep roots in the Reformational tradition, IAPCHE was formed in 1975 to unite like-minded organisations around the world. Joining representatives from 13 countries and over 50 different institutions, Dr Beech was able to build upon existing relationships with fellow scholars for the continued growth and development of the National Institute. 


Semester 2 Enrolments Now Open

Semester 2 2017 enrolments are now open! If you are a current student of the National Institute, please enrol for your next unit now. If you would like to begin a Master of Edu cation, Grad Dip Ed, or Master of Edu cation (Leadership), we would love to have you studying with us!

For more information visit or go to to apply now.

Congratulations Dr Chris Prior

The National Institute would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Chris Prior on receiving his Doctorate in late May 2017. Dr Prior, who is currently Principal of Bayside Christian College and also a National Institute Senior Lecturer, has served our network of CEN schools commendably by focusing his research on the nature of leadership within CEN schools. Studying and working full time is never an easy task and we want to thank Chris (and his family) for serving us by investing his God given skills and expertise into quality research that will benefit our wider CEN community for many years to come. Congratulations Chris. 

Nurture Conference – Register Now

If you attended the recent National Conference and AGM, you would have heard about the upcoming Nurture conference in Adelaide on 11 and 12 August. Although we have hosted Parent Partnership Conferences in the past in different states, this is the first Nurture Conference that we are hosting, and we are quite excited about it.

This is a great opportunity for parents, welfare staff, principals, board members, or general staff to attend. The focus of the conference is Nurture, and we will be learning from a variety of speakers.

Patricia Weerakoon (well known for her writing and candid, evangelical approach to discussing sensitive topics around sex and relationships) will be our guest speaker. We will also feature Paul Reid from Donvale Christian College, Chris Parker from The National Institute, and Sharon Witt, author and parenting enthusiast.

Why not ‘shout’ a couple of your association members to this worthwhile event on behalf of your school?

Click here for the conference program. 

Click here to register.



Certificate of Christian Education (CCE) Opportunity Prior to the Nurture Conference

You might not realise, but there is an op portunity to participate in a Certificate of Christian Edu cation (Foundations) during the day on Friday 11 August. This is a great op portunity to encourage parents attending the Nurture Conference to also engage with this great course.  

Click here for more information and to register. 

Association Toolkit

One of the ex citing features of our National Conference and AGM was the launch of the Association Toolkit.  We hope that you are finding this a helpful resource in reaching out to your parents and helping them to understand the bigger picture of Christian Edu cation, what your school is trying to achieve and the roles they can play as association members.

Additional copies of the toolkit are available through our office for $50 (plus postage). Please contact us on 02 4773 5800 for more details.

A Tale of Two Worldviews, a book dedicated to Ken Dickens

A col lection of writings from Ken Dickens was launched at the National Conference in honour of Ken’s retirement. Copies are available through the eStore for $20 plus postage.

Click here to pu rchase and for more information

State Conferences

Something ex citing is happening in July! Many state conferences are happening within a week of each other, which means that over 3000 teachers, administrators, learning assistants and other school staff will be gathering to hear great speakers, and fellowship together.  This is deeply encouraging and exciting for us and we are so pleased to be having input into these conferences.  

Here are the following dates for the CEN State Conferences for 2017:

  • WA Christian Worldview Symposium – 17-18 July
  • VIC State Conference ‘Stronger Together’ – 17-18 July
  • NT State Conference ‘Over the Top’ – 18-19 July
  • NSW State Conference ‘Inspired & Equipped’ – 20-21 July
  • SA State Conference – 24-25 July
  • TAS State Conference – 24-25 July


It might seem like a long way off in the distance, but plans are well underway for the International Transforming Education Conference 2019.  This will be held on 15 – 17 July 2019. The Adelaide Convention Centre is going to play host to this wonderful gathering, and is still undergoing some magnificent refurbishments.  We encourage you to start planning (and budgeting) for your staff to attend.  We will soon be in a position to name some of our keynote speakers and we know that you will not be disappointed. Stay tuned for lots more details!

The Frog & the Fish – New Book from Chris Parker…Coming Soon

The Frog & the Fish: Reflections on work, technology, sex, stuff, truth, and happiness, prompts you to question how much you have been shaped by your culture.

The National Institute, together with CEN, are excited to announce the upcoming launch of Chris Parker’s latest work, The Frog & the Fish: Reflections on work, technology, sex, stuff, truth and hapiness. This is a powerful and challenging book for young adults that explores the shaping effects of our culture through asking big questions and reflecting on big issues. Questions raised within the book include:

Who are we, really?
What’s the nature and purpose of the world?
Why is there so much injustice and what can we do about it?
What is the purpose of work?
Are there traps with technology?
What about sex and self-image?
What’s the place of stuff in our lives?
Does absolute truth exist?
Is there a source of ultimate happiness?

This book would make an excellent gift for students of a graduating class at your local school. Even a church might like to purchase copies for its young adult members who are finishing school. For this reason discounts are available for schools (and churches) purchasing bulk orders for gifts.

Click here to purchase and find out more about The Frog & the Fish.

SAVE THE DATE! Executives Conference 13-15 March 2018

Attention all executive staff, please put the 13 – 15 March in your calendars! Plans are underway for the next CEN Executives Conference which will be held in Hobart, Tasmania.  The theme is “Elephants in the Room”. It’s going to be great! Look out for more details, coming soon…

National Science Week and the Christian Teachers Journal

National Science Week is 12 – 20 August. The August edition of the Christian Teachers Journal will be arriving on subscribers’ desks around this time and will be dedicated to the teaching of science to coincide with this week. The teaching of science from a Christian worldview is a wonderful opportunity for Christian educators to be unfolding a big picture biblical view of the creation and living faithfully in God’s world; for primary teachers and secondary science teachers.

Keep an eye out for it.

Click here for more information on National Science Week

Developing Leaders Conference

For over 10 years now, the Developing Leaders Conference has been an effective training exercise for your emerging and existing leaders. This year, the conference will be held in Darwin. I encourage you to identify one or more staff in your school who may be ready to take the next step in leadership, or refine their skills.

The conference commences at 6pm on 4 September and will finish by 2:30pm on Thursday 7 September. The conference will be held at Mantra Pandanas hotel, whilst accommodation with be at Mantra Esplanade. The hotels are close together.

Playing on the location in our theme, ‘Build Up, Step Up’, there is an intentional focus on unpacking what it means and what it looks like to lead Christian Education now and into the future. By building on biblical foundations, delegates will also be supported with a range or practical tools for leadership.

It is the desire of the team, to encourage and inspire future leaders, to answer the call and step up as Gospel centred leaders in the prevailing cultural context. Participants will be provided with an opportunity to explore how to best respond to the challenges of leadership, as they seek to take on positions of responsibility, grow in capacity and serve faithfully in Christian Education.

Delegates will explore the following topics:

  • A Biblical foundation of leadership
  • The breadth of leadership – Some tools for the toolbox
  • Our cultural context and the impact on leadership
  • Leading in your cultural moment
  • Leading without a title and the challenges of leadership

Don’t miss out as we hear from speakers including Dr Rod Thompson, Justin Cook (from Canada) and the Hon Mr Terry Mills, as we explore the call of leadership.

Please note that this year we will also be running an inaugural Teaching and Learning Conference, ‘Educating for Deeper Learning’. This will be held at the same time as the Developing Leaders Conference. The two conferences will experience overlap in the mornings and in the evening.

You can also indicate any interest to visit Gawa Christian School on Elcho Island during the day on Monday 4 September. Take it from me, that is a once in a life time, beautiful experience.

Click here to register.

Teaching and Learning Conference

This year we are launching an inaugural Teaching and Learning Conference. As CEN grows and develops, we have identified again, our need to speak stronger and clearer into Teaching and Learning into our schools. As we grow teachers as Christian Educators, the frameworks for teaching and learning, biblically focused development of curriculum and a Christian world view on pedagogy, assessment and reporting is paramount to us being faithful to our calling as Christian teachers and leaders in our schools.

This conference, themed ‘Educating for Deeper Learning’ will take place at the same time as the Developing Leaders Conference in Darwin from 6pm Monday 4 September to 12:30pm Thursday 7 September.

The aims of the conference include:

  • A celebration of, and challenge towards, deeper learning
  • An exploration of distinctive pedagogies and assessment
  • An insight into Canadian teaching and learning
  • A showcase of rich teaching and learning practice
  • A review of Transformation by Design – The next step
  • A gathering of teaching/learning and curriculum leaders

Educating for Deeper Learning also assumes that participants have a biblical perspective and worldview framework and will seek to build off that in order to effect enthusiastic and engaged local practice.

We are particularly delighted to be welcoming Justin Cook and Darryl de Boer from Canada to this event. Both men are exemplary leaders in their provinces in Christian Education. Justin is the Director of Teaching and Learning from the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools, and Darryl is the Director of Teaching and Learning at Surrey Christian School in British Columbia. We look forward to having them with us.

I encourage you to at least send a staff member who heads up or leads Teaching and Learning in your school. Yes, that might even be you! Registrations are now open on our website and include an opportunity to visit Gawa Christian School on Elcho Island.

Click here to register.