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Thanks for taking the time to have a read of eNews and catch up on what is happening in the world of Christian Education National. On a personal note, many of you have become aware of the serious car accident that my two children (Max and Meg) and my parents (Andrew and Patsy) were involved in on 14 March. Despite the trauma of the accident, we continue to marvel at God’s hand of protection over them. My kids literally walked away with some bruising and my parents spent two weeks in hospital with minor injuries. Thanks for your prayers!

May the holidays and in particular the Easter break be a time of renewal and refreshment in Jesus for you.

Office News

It is probably fair to say that everyone is aware of the great job that Anne Blair-Hickman has done with Nurture over the past three years. As the editor, Anne has purposefully targeted the magazine at parents as a helpful tool to tell others about Christian edu cation, understand one of our core values of parent partnership, and to also glean some great parenting ideas.

Further to this role, Anne has also maintained the challenges of being our Office Manager from the beginning of 2016. We are saddened to announce that due to personal reasons, Anne has decided to step back from these roles. We are very grateful to Anne for the work that she has done.

Due to Anne’s resignation, we are seeking applications for 2 positions. An editor for Nurture for 1.5 days per week and an office manager for 4 – 5 mornings per week (negotiable).

Click here for Office Manager information and application

Click here for Nurture Editor information and application


March Edition of Nurture

Due to the disruption in the Nurture editor role, we apologise for the lateness of the March edition of Nurture.  This is now due to arrive in schools in the first week of term 2.

National Institute 2017 Graduation Ceremony

On Monday 13 March, the National Institute for Christian Education celebrated with 31 teachers from around Australia as they officially completed their post-graduate studies in Christian education. The graduates were awarded qualifications in:

· Graduate Diploma of Education
· Masters of Education
· Masters of Education (Leadership)

We were honoured to participate in the formal graduation ceremony with Morling College on the campus of the Kings School, Sydney. It was exciting to see these CEN teachers and school administrators fulfilling this accomplishment in the furthering of their higher education preparation as qualified Christian educators and leaders.

It was also very encouraging for those graduating to be supported in person by the wider National Institute lecturing team. The Institute lecturing team plays such a significant role in both inspiring and challenging our teachers through the many years of study. To be together at graduation was a great privilege and positively reflected the close relationships often built between teacher and lecturer when studying with the National Institute.

List of 2017 Graduates:

Graduate Diploma of Education
•   Jason Beer
•   Alistair Coffey
•   Philip Cooney
•   Colleen Dutlow
•   Anne-Maree Forbes
•   Shirley Gillie
•   Nissa Heading
•   Nathan Hunter
•   Lisa James
•   Sharon Jenkins
•   Leon Pedersen
•   Sharon Rodrigo-Wilson
•   Roslyn Wood

Master of Education
•   Darryl Baker
•   Trudie Barry
•   Erin Caudullo
•   Michael Dempsey
•   Jennifer Dykstra
•   Karissa Esselbrugge
•   Luke Ivory
•   Catherine Mitiku
•   Luke Pereira
•   Kathryn Powys
•   Mavis Price
•   Linda Royce
•   Michael Street
•   Timothy White
•   Jonathan Wouters

Master of Education (Leadership)
•   Nicole Conway
•   Jucinta Cram
•   Marion Poynton


National Institute Retreat

In March, the lecturing team for the National Institute for Christian Education spent two days together at a retreat in Parramatta, Sydney. Titled, Speaking Reformationally in Christian Higher Education: First Principles and Contextual Challenges, the retreat was an important time of professional development and relationship building for National Institute lecturers.

With National Institute lecturers located all across Australia, coming together face-to-face each year to learn, pray and deepen understanding in the task of Christian education is crucial. Institute lecturers enjoyed teaching from Dr Keith Sewell, Dr Mac Cusiter and Dr Rod Thompson.
It was also a time of professional development with Professor James Dalziel from Morling College leading Institute lecturers through an assessment workshop. This is an important task as it greatly assists with improving the learning outcomes of teachers who choose to study with the National Institute.

Institute Director, David Gray, highlighted the strategic direction that the Institute will be taking throughout 2017/18. Dr Beth Beech, Academic Dean, encouraged all to focus on the historical vision, and mission of the National Institute and how that significantly influences the approach taken to post-graduate study today.


Grattan Institute Report into Student Engagement

The recent report published by the Grattan Institute titled Engaging Students: Creating Classroom that Improve Learning is a helpful, while sobering, insight into levels of engagement, and therefore learning, within classrooms of Australian school students. Perhaps one of the more interesting findings is that not only must we consider the disruption that is caused by disengaged students, affecting the learning of others, but we must face the reality that in the average classroom, “… nearly one in four students are compliant but quietly disengaged.”

Your teacher training institute, the National Institute for Christian Education, can help.

The report concludes, “It is vital that teachers create the right classroom climate for learning: raising student expectations; developing a rapport with students; establishing routines; challenging students to participate and take risks. These all affect how much their students engage and learn”. Creating the right classroom climate involves curriculum design that is authentic, responsive and holistically engaging; creating the right classroom climate involves nurturing communities of learning that are gracious and optimistic, collaborative and challenging as opposed to process-driven or steeped in competition.

The National Institute provides two professional development workshops that explore curriculum design for student transformation (and engagement) and Christian pedagogy focusing on creating engaging learning communities that foster transformation through engagement:

Certificate of Christian Education (Design)
Certificate of Christian Education (Deliver)

Click here for more information 

Click here to email Chris Parker to explore a booking with the teaching team.

The National Institute continues to build a relationship with Kevin Knight, the author of the 8People mentoring based model of professional development, and is developing opportunities to embrace this in the near future. This approach also speaks into student engagement and the associated pedagogical considerations.

Christian Education Australia

By now you would be very familiar with the conversations and material that has been sent out about Christian Edu cation Australia. Sadly, our CSA colleagues would appear to have chosen to not join CEA. This is disappointing to us and signifies a change in rhetoric from one voice being important to many voices being important. This is not consistent. The Q&A documents put out by Martin Hanscamp, EO of AACS are found below.

Click here for Q&A number 1

Click here for Q&A number 2

CEN National Conference and AGM

The CEN National Conference and AGM is coming up at the end of next month. Don’t forget that nominations for the National Board close soon (19 April). Also, don’t forget to register. I am looking forward to sharing this time with you and trust that you will be blessed by the fellowship and teaching. This year we will again be launching some new resources, so keep an eye out for them.

Last year we received some feedback on people not having ac cess to the full reports prior to the conference. This year we will send these to you two weeks before the event. See you in Canberra!

Click here for the information pack

Click here to register

Developing Leaders Conference

The Darwin crew are working very hard on the development of the next Developing Leaders Conference which will be held in Darwin on the 4–7 September. The theme is “Build Up, Step Up”. Look out for information and registration opening early next term. Gu est speakers will include Justin Cook (from Canada, see the detail on the Teaching and Learning Conference) as well as his colleague Darryl De Boer. Other speakers will include Narelle Sketcher, Rod Thompson and Kathy Pereira.

Click here for more information.

Teaching and Learning Leadership Conference

This is a new conference in our line up and one that will be very ex citing for your head of teaching and learning to attend. We are pleased to be welcoming Justin Cook and Darryl De Boer from Canada as experts in Teaching and Learning in Christian Edu cation in Canada. Both work with the program “Teaching for Transformation” as developed by the Prairie Centre for Christian Edu cation, the catalyst for the development of our own “Threads” in Transformation by Design. This is bound to be a very exciting conference with a lot of energy! Please consider who, on your staff would most benefit from this opp ortunity. Look out for some more information coming to you soon.

The Teaching and Learning Conference will be running parallel to the Developing Leaders Conference and devotions and plenary sessions will be shared.

Click here for more information

Kevin Knight and 8People

The Intensive held with Kevin Knight at Wycliffe Christian School in February was a great event.  CEN had been able to continue firming up an ongoing licensing arrangement with Kevin to have ac cess to his 8 People program.  This is a very ex citing development. I will be in contact with interested schools to firm up some further training dates into next term (yet to be confirmed by Kevin).  

Toshiba Deal

Toshiba Australia have already been looking after several member schools and have recently been able to save us a substantial amount on our printing costs at our National Office. Toshiba has offered, as a free service, to provide a f ree print audit to all schools in the CEN network to ensure schools are getting best use of technology and importantly best value for money when it comes to printing.

If you would like to take advantage of this opp ortunity, please contact Alan McCartin at CEN  and he will pass on your details to Toshiba.