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From the CEO

Greetings from Townsville, Qld.  I am currently spending some time with the board and staff at Annandale Christian College where they are embarking on a time of transition. Jenny Ballment has faithfully served as principal at Annandale Christian College for over 27 years (is that a record?) and is soon to hand over the reins to Dan Clarke who hails from WA. There is both excitement and caution as the school steps through this time of change.  I find it such a privilege to be sharing in this time with the staff and board of a growing and vibrant school in sunny north Qld.  I might have to stay a little longer . . .

Board Chairs Governance Conference

Later this week about 30 delegates will gather in Melbourne for a Board Chairs “Godly Governance” conference. The delegates will be hearing some great speakers including Darren Iselin (Heritage College), John Sikemma (Halftime Australia), Geoff Bateman (previous CEO of NT Christian Schools), Yvonne Bradley (National Board), Gerry Beimers (National Board) and Martin Hanscamp (AACS). That’s quite a line-up of insight into governance. Thanks to those of you who have indicated that you would have loved to have come, but the timing didn’t work. We hope to run this kind of conference every second year. We are committed to providing our boards with effective training.

Stay tuned for our accredited, online board training modules being rolled out in 2016.


New CEN Video

You will by now have received in the mail two copies of the latest CEN promotional video on DVD. Although filmed in Victoria, it is school-name-neutral and is something you are free to use in your promotions of Christian education with your school community or wider. Could it be loaded to your YouTube Channel or played in the foyer or at school gatherings? You could also link to it from our YouTube Channel or website?

Click here for the YouTube link

Principal Appointments

Whilst there are still a number of principal positions being finalised, we are pleased to announce the following appointments:

David Gleeson (formerly at Maranatha Christian School, Officer campus, VIC) has been appointed principal at Melton Christian College, VIC.

Matt Patterson (formerly at Rivergum Christian School, SA) has been appointed principal at Mid North Christian School, SA.

Dan Clarke (formerly at Strathalbyn Christian College) has been appointed principal at Annandale Christian College (QLD).

Where Would a Review Most Help?

There is no question that our suite of survey tools that we use as a part of our reviews, or on their own, have proved to be highly popular. Many schools are interested in the 360 degree reviews, which are helpful for principals, deputies, heads of school, coordinators etc. (each are designed specifically for different areas of leadership in your school).

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The CCE Suite

The Certificate of Christian Education (CCE) is a one day workshop for all members of a school community to explore the fundamentals of Christian education. This has been a well received and respected resource and embraced by many schools within CEN and outside of CEN. The National Institute for Christian Education has developed 3 additional CCE workshops to complement the first one:

CCE (Design) – Curriculum design

CCE (Deliver) – Christian pedagogy

CCE (God’s Story) – Biblical literacy

CCE  – Fundamentals of Christian education


Certificate of Christian Education (Design)
For the school wanting to dedicate a whole day of staff training in curriculum design, the National Institute has developed the CCE (Design). This 1 day (or equivalent) workshop explores designing school curriculum in response to the Australian Curriculum (or any mandated curriculum) from a biblical perspective. The interactive and collaborative practical sessions will develop the transformation model of curriculum development and a significant component will include training in the use of the National Institute’s resource, Transformation by Design.

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Certificate of Christian Education (Deliver)
This 1 day (or equivalent) workshop session is for the school wanting to dedicate a whole day of staff training in pedagogy that is distinctly Christian and shaped at all points by the gospel and a biblical worldview of the teacher, the child, and learning. Teaching Christianly will include pedagogy that is biblically informed and shaped. The methods and techniques we use to teach our students in Christian schools will be drawing them towards or away from the gospel. This workshop will explore the issues that need to be considered in the unique context of your Christian school when delivering a Christian pedagogy.

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Certificate of Christian Education (God’s Story)
Biblical literacy is critical in the successful delivery of Christian education. This one day (or equivalent) workshop session provides an opportunity for staff and parents (and even senior students) to be better equipped at reading and understanding that which is sharper than a two-edged sword—the Word of God. This biblical literacy workshop is based on the popular God’s Story banner and Users’ Guide.

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Certificate of Christian Education – The Original
This is a workshop exploring the fundamentals of Christian education. It is designed to be accessible by any member of the school community and many schools include all staff when it is delivered. It covers important questions like; What is Christian education? What is the purpose of Christian schooling? Where did Christian education come from? The workshop includes historical, theological, and philosophical elements and gives participants an understanding of the development of Christian schooling in Australia; biblical basis, and worldview implications. The learning experience includes presentation, collaboration, video, reflection, and other media.

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Christian Teachers Journal Subscriptions

The Christian Teachers Journal (CTJ) is an internationally recognised professional journal for Christian educators published by CEN. Are your teachers growing as Christian educators? Are your teachers engaging with CTJ? Are your teachers subscribed to CTJ?

Yearly subscriptions for CEN member schools are substantially subsidised – why not have all your staff subscribed to encourage collaborative discussions and mutual inspiration.

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2016 Executives Conference

It’s time again for our 2 yearly Executives Conference – this time in Sydney. A NSW planning team has been working on the arrangements for next year’s conference which is to be held in Sydney’s Grace Hotel. This will be a wonderful opportunity for fellowship, insight, teaching, networking, and leadership inspiration.

The theme for this year’s conference is THRIVE.

This conference is not only open to principals but also other executive staff. Registrations are limited so we suggest registering early to secure your attendance.

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2016 Nurture (Parenting) Conference

Many parents (and staff) speak about the transformation towards Christian education, and parent partnership, that they experienced through parent conferences run by CEN. We are excited to announce the first Nurture Conference to be held on Saturday 17th September 2016 in Sydney. This conference will be aimed at parents, association members, board members and will have the multiple aims of inspiring towards Christian education, nurturing parent partnership, and exploring general good practice in Christian parenting.

It is time to mark this in the school calendar and start talking about it in your community.

Stay tuned for more details.

Nurture Subscriptions

We are sure that you will agree that the Nurture magazine has the potential to bring great engagement with the families in your school. It provides stimulating resources that encourage thoughtful parenting as well as inspiration for embracing parent partnership with the school. It’s that time of year where we are wanting to consolidate subscriptions for 2016. Do you subscribe all families in your school to Nurture (considerable discounts for schools that seek to place one into all homes)? Renewal notices will be sent to schools shortly.

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Interesting trial for distributing Nurture to school families

One of our schools is trailing a direct post to the homes of all families to ensure that parents of students are receiving their copies. We have arranged for the printing/distribution company to post direct to home addresses. Might this interest your school?

Click here for an expression of interest

Christian Education: Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever noticed that Christian education can sometimes be an unpopular idea among Christians?! What are some of the frequently asked questions that you experience? We have tried to capture some of the most frequently and presented a response.

Click here to see frequently asked questions

Doesn’t the Christian school shelter children from the real world?

Do teachers in a Christian school tell the full truth?

Are Teachers in a Christian school just as professional?

Can you have academic rigour and Christian education? Isn’t there a compromise required?

But surely our children will be OK in a public school?

Shouldn’t our children and families be evangelising in the local public school?

Click here to see answers

Nurture Photo Competition

Entries are closing soon for the 2015 Nurture Photo Competition. Do you have students that could/should enter? Please pass on the following details:

1. SINGLE ENTRY: Any image taken by a student that depicts either the beauty of God’s world, the brokenness in God’s world, or a reflection of how God’s people can be involved in building-up and restoring the brokenness.

2. PORTFOLIO: A portfolio of 3 images that depict beauty, brokenness and restoration that are thematically linked in some way (either by the subject, and object, or photographic technique or style).

Entries close 31 October 2015.

Either send photos to along with your name, age, school, and category you wish to enter OR drop us an email to obtain details on how to upload your photos.