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Stronger Together

We are stronger together. The theme of the AGM and National Conference for 2015 was ‘Stronger Together’. And upon reflection of our time in Canberra, I think we proved it! There was a great sense of unity and encouragement around this conference. Thanks to all who participated and served during the 2 days. The theme of ‘Stronger Together’ will continue to capture our intentional way forward for the coming years. As an organisation, we have worked hard to define who we are and where we are going and this is captured in the words of Grow, Enrich, and Strengthen. Christian Education National seeks to grow Christian education and Christian educators, we do this well and want to continue to be a strong voice of distinction in the education sector. Further to this, we want to ensure that …

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Message from New Board Chair

What a buzz! I’ve returned to MECS so encouraged from the 2015 CEN Annual General Meeting. In the rest of this e-news you’ll find all sorts of reasons for that buzz. It’s the people, stories, passion, vision, and resources that make the community of CEN what it is. These are all things to be incredibly grateful to…

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Welcome to Newstead Christian School

It was a great privilege to welcome Newstead Christian School as a new member school at the AGM. The Principal, Bronwyn Eastley and Board Chair, Richard Holloway attended the weekend and from all accounts, …

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Succession in CEN Leadership

In 2009 Ken Dickens took on the role of Chief Executive Officer while retaining his position of Principal of the National Institute for Christian Education. Such a dual role was seen to be appropriate at a time when the teacher training operation of CEN was being more fully incorporated into the consolidated National office and the mindset of our national association. This was largely in response to the findings of…

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Staffing Arrangements

Amanda Hottinger has reluctantly decided to leave her administration position with CEN to take up a role in her families business. We will miss Amanda and are grateful for her contributions to CEN and wish her well in her new endeavours.You may still hear from Amanda from time to time as she may be involved in some contract work for CEN. We welcome Luke Pereira into the CEN staff. Luke has been contracted as the CEPA Project Manager. His task will be to oversee the implementation of the recommendations arising out of the…

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Christian Education National seeks expressions of interest for a part time (0.6) Administration Officer. This is an initial 6 month position with the possibility of extension. This is an excellent opportunity for the successful person to serve a national community of Christian schools (Christian Education National) by providing administrative support in the national office, based in …

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Church service before ITEC15

For those attending ITEC15, and will be in Melbourne on Sunday night 12 July, a gathering of believers (church service) has been organised for ITEC15 participants. This will be at 5pm in the city which will allow for groups to have dinner together after the service in one of Melbourne’s ‘eat-streets’. Although this is aimed at being a kind of commencement event—with opportunity to pray for…

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National Board Chairs Conference

Attention Board Chairs and Deputy Board Chairs! Please set aside Thursday 15th October – Saturday 17th October 2015 for the National Board Chairs Conference in MELBOURNE. The theme of the conference is “Godly Governance – Leading Vision Driven Schools” and will feature…

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Accredited Training for School Boards

We are pleased to announce that CEN has been approved as an accredited provider of board training under the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards in NSW.  What does this mean? Well, in NSW, each board member is now required to participate in accredited board training for 4 hours per year as part of compliance for schools.  We don’t think that Victoria will be too far behind in this expectation. It is our aim by next year to have online board training modules for all boards to access through our website.  Stay tuned for more details!

NEW Curriculum Development Resource

We are pleased to present to you “Transformation by Design” produced by the National Institute for Christian Education. Transformation by Design is a resource designed to help you develop curriculum from a biblical perspective. This resource has been developed by a team of expert and experienced Christian educators from around Australia. It provides a model for developing curriculum in direct response to a mandated curriculum while unfolding a transformational, biblical perspective for the students…

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NEW CCE Workshops

Many in our school communities have engaged with the Certificate of Christian Education which is a one day workshop laying down the foundations and core values of Christian education in an accessible and entertaining way for all staff and parents. The National Institute for Christian Education has designed follow-on workshops for schools wanting to enhance…

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NEW God’s Story Student Chart

The God’s Story Banner (3m or 6m) has been a highly popular and effective visual tool for raising big picture biblical literacy. It combines a chronological timeline of the Bible story, people, events, books, and major themes plus how to explain them. The National Institute for Christian Education have released a Student Chart version. This is an affordable version for buying a class set of charts that students can have in front of them on their desks for devotions, biblical studies, any lesson …

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Sue Batemans Memorial Service

Geoff Bateman is the State Executive Officer for CEN. At his wife Sue’s recent memorial service, CEN  was represented by Ken and Jennie Dickens, Simon Matthews and Wendy Joyce on Wednesday 3rd June. The service was held at Marrara Christian School and was a wonderful occasion giving tribute to a wonderful God and a life well lived. Geoff and his family spoke of their love and admiration for Sue and of the way she reflected Christ to all who came in contact with her. We continue to pray for Geoff and his family as they commence on this stage of their life without Sue.