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From the CEO

Welcome to a new year as we partner together in taking the gospel seriously in the business of education. I trust all our schools have had a good start–that new students are experiencing the joy of being in a Christian learning community and that new staff are excited about rethinking their work in the light of the gospel. Shortly I will be asking schools to provide the names and emails of new staff so I can welcome them to the Christian Education National family. ITEC15 is going to be huge. We are excited about coming together for this event–welcoming our international guests; enjoying Melbourne and being encouraged to faithfully engage God’s world with the truth of God’s word.

Impact of Cyclones

The NT and Qld cyclones were of great concern last week and in particular, 3 of our NT schools were under direct threat in the path of the damaging winds.

Cyclone Lam safely passed over Nhulunbuy Christian College in Gove, but has deeply impacted the communities of Gäwa Christian School at the northern tip of Elcho Island and Mäpuru Christian School. Praise God for protection over Gäwa.  All school and community buildings (with the exception of a small demountable) are still standing and the airstrip is clear.

Praise God for his mighty hand of protection over Mäpuru.  We believe the eye of TC Lam actually passed over the top of Mäpuru; there was 30mins of sudden stillness in the early hours of Friday morning.  The 40 community members sheltering in the school prayed all night.  In spite of so many trees down at Mäpuru there was minimal damage to buildings.  Although there have been no injuries, many residents are still in a state of shock. The airstrip is now clear.

Praise God that our staff at Galiwinku and Milingimbi were safe and able to return to Darwin after the cyclone passed.

We are pleased to note that Annandale Christian School in Townsville, missed the effects of the Cyclone.

New School Joins CEN

The board are delighted to welcome Newstead Christian School from Launceston, Tasmania into the Christian Education National community.  Newstead Christian School is a small school located on the outskirts of Launceston and has a strong connection with Launceston Christian School.  The board is served by Richard Holloway as the Chair and the Principal is Bronwyn Eastley.  We will formally welcome Newstead Christian School into membership at the upcoming AGM and National Conference.

Click here for more information about Newstead Christian School

News from the National Board

The national board met in Melbourne for 2 days on the 13th & 14th February. During this time, they were able to affirm the theme for our AGM and National Conference which is “Stronger Together”.  The AGM and National Conference will be held again at The Ibis Eaglehawk in Canberra on the 23rd & 24th May 2015.  There will be a special focus on building associations, compliance, AACS updates, the curriculum project and the development of the second Certificate of Christian Education (CCE) referred to as CCE (Teacher). We look forward to growing “Stronger Together” during our AGM and conference.  Stay tuned for more details.

We Pray for Your School

This month the National Office staff and State Executive Officers are praying for the following schools:

Annandale Christian School in Townsville, Qld. Annandale is a beautiful school lead by Jenny Ballment. Please pray that Annandale has a great start to the year. Annandale is one of our schools that finds it difficult to feel connected due to their location. Annandale is a Pre-Prep to Yr 12 school with around 600 students.

Araluen Christian School in NT – please pray for the Principal Cate Garwood. They are thankful for the new year, staff and students. They are grateful to have opened a new Middle School complex at the college to start the year. Pray for their enrolment as they have unexpectedly lost quite a few students during the holidays.

Bayside Christian College in Vic– please pray for their Principal Chris Prior. Bayside Christian College is a co-educational Pre-Kinder to Year 12 school located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne’s south east.


ITEC15 Update

We are very excited to have over 1100 registrations for ITEC15.  The planning committee and local committee are busy refining the program and ensuring that for those coming, the conference will be a worthwhile and special experience.  We are particularly keen to engage with our first paperless conference.  You will have access to the free app leading up to the conference that will hold all of the vital bits of information to ensure that your experience of ITEC15 is memorable and possibly life changing.

Sponsorship for ITEC15

We have had a couple of requests for sponsorship from potential international delegates, particularly from Africa, Asia and our neighbouring island communities.  Maybe your school could sponsor a delegate?

Click here to make an enquiry

ITEC15 Speakers Video Resource

Last year we sent a DVD resource to principals that highlighted the keynote speakers of ITEC15 and provided staff meeting reflection activities. Have you seen this? You might like to ask your principal about borrowing it.

ITEC15 Student Art Needed

Just a reminder that the local committee for ITEC15 are keen to receive submissions of art work from students and teachers for the conference. It is hoped that the students and teachers would consider interpreting the theme through an expressive art work.  Details below . . .


As you know, ITEC15 is being held in Melbourne in July 2015.  We have an exciting opportunity for art teachers, students or parents from your school to showcase their work at the ITEC venue; the Pullman, Albert Park, during the conference.

The vision of the local planning committee is to have the work of students from our Australian schools displayed at the conference venue.  Some pieces will be original works set up on easels, others will be photographed and displayed digitally on large screens placed around the venue.  We may also choose some pieces to be reproduced on gift cards for conference presenters. All artists will be acknowledged.  We are asking that teachers and/or students interpret the theme of the conference and produce a piece of work (in any medium; 2D or 3D) that explores or responds to the conference theme. This could be in the form of a stand-alone piece, a class set of art for primary students or part of a portfolio for secondary students.  All artworks will need to be submitted before the 24th April, 2015.

The conference website discusses the conference theme as follows;

Reading Word and World: memes, themes and biblical dreams

Christian education understands that narratives or cultural ‘stories’, alternate to the gospel of the Lord Jesus, are shaping the lives and affections of young people.

Christian educators seek to be biblically literate, enabling them to unfold the true view of life and world to their students; how the gospel of the Lord Jesus brings sense and meaning to all of life. However, they must also be able to read the cultural stories, the ‘derailing voices’ that are constantly whispering (and sometimes screaming) seductive storylines with their distorted message about where purpose, meaning and understanding are to be found.

Reading the word and reading the world, this conference will explore the recurring themes and the vision for the good life presented by both narratives and how this plays out in the arena of education.

As this is a fairly huge project, we are asking Principals to support their art teachers in getting this project off the ground.  Would you please approach your Primary and Secondary Art Teachers with our ideas, and encourage them to consider supporting this important exhibition.  Teachers will need to complete the attached Intention to Submit Artworks form and send it to Karen Read

We are looking forward to receiving some amazing work from your schools.

Is it Time to do Governance Training?

CEN offers fine governance training for boards and principals.  You may be interested to know that NSW school boards are now required to do accredited board training as part of school registration and compliance.  We are currently seeking accreditation for our course through BOSTES (the NSW Board of Studies).

Click here to inquire about board training and to explore the best approach for your board.

Nurture – Update From Editor

My first year as editor of Nurture is done and dusted and what a year! It’s been a privilege to meet so many of you and to hear your stories. Contributions from our schools always inspire and encourage me. Have you got budding writers, photographers, talented students, amazing programs or artists among your community? If so, Nurture is an opportunity to get published and to serve and inspire others for God’s glory.

Some specific areas which I would appreciate your continued support and help with include:

1. Cover photos for Nurture: I really want to put your students faces on the front cover of Nurture – but I need quality high resolution photos, head and shoulder shots, with student facing straight on, mix of ethnicity and sexes.

2. Student contributions: this could be as simple as a joke, a fun fact, a poem, artwork, or photo.

3. New articles: what’s happening in and around your school, family or circles? Or articles about parenting, family, and the relationship between home and school. We also want to feature articles that unfold the vision of Christian education and the joys of parent partnership.

I love hearing from our schools and from any member of a school community. Please encourage anyone interested in contributing to drop me an email and I’d be happy to chat through ideas and to send article guidelines to potential contributors.

Click here to email Anne

Please Send Us Your Newsletters

We are keen for your school to include CEN in the distribution of your school newsletter. Could you please add Thank you.

Welcome to New Principals

Welcome to the new Principals who have taken on the challenge to serve in our schools.  We welcome the following principals to CEN schools across Australia:

Kate Bertrum  – Illawarra CS, NSW

Cameron Nunn – Nepean CS, NSW

Scott Winkler – Emmanuel Christian School , Tasmania

Andrew Middleton – Southern Highlands CS, NSW

Lara Havala – Nhulunbuy Christian College, NT

AACS Annual General Meeting

Just a reminder that the AACS AGM follows the CEN AGM and National Conference. This will be held at the Hyatt in Canberra (same as The National Policy Forum) on Sunday 24th May at 5pm.

Calendars and Cards – Gawa

I am sure many of you will be familiar with the calendar and cards that Gawa Christian School produce each year. They contain beautiful photos and are a wonderful funds and profile raising venture for this wonderful little school on Elcho Island. The new calendar is now available for 2015.

Click here to purchase new calendar or cards for your school or home

Christian Schools in England

Please pray for Christian schools in England where government regulation (in reaction to religious radicalisation and in affirmation of particular lifestyles) could see the closure of schools seeking to be faithful to the gospel. I personally know a godly teacher who has started studying with the National Institute for Christian Education and taught our courses, who is on the Board of a new school which is in real danger of being unjustifiably closed.


Dr Geoff Beech is now working for TeachBeyond  in resource development (higher education) for Australasia/Oceania. This also involves being a part of their Teacher Education Services. TeachBeyond facilitates education missionaries (400+ in 30+ countries) – school and university level, helps start schools in the developing world, provides training courses for their teachers, and partnering with other institutions for training and school support. Geoff is a good contact for schools who may wish to explore overseas educational support opportunities and/or partnerships.

Click here to contact Geoff


New Hope International

New Hope International has advised that they will be holding a Christian Schools Service Learning Expo at Pacific Hills Christian School (Sydney) in November (20-21) preceded by various forums around the country on ‘service learning’. This is a better way to describe ‘mission trips’ and focuses on helping our students learn about service at home and abroad. The expo and forums are being presented as a united activity for Christian schools of various flavours and it is something that Christian Education National supports. Our friend from South Africa, Samson Makhado will be presenting.

Special Offer From Colin Buchanan

Colin’s children have all gone to a Christian Education National school and he has been involved with the governance of the school for a number of years. He is making this offer available to CEN teachers.



Having started my professional life as a teacher, I am very aware of the busy nature of school life.  I have just completed a new Easter album and I wanted to make it available at 50% OFF to Christian teachers for a limited time.  Let me explain.

I’m very grateful for the partnership I’ve had with Christian teachers and chaplains as my songs are sung in classrooms, assemblies, chapel services and the like.  It’s always a delight to hear that the songs are useful and enthusiastically embraced across Australia.

For some time I’ve been asked to consider releasing an album specifically intended for use around Easter.  I began this year thinking I’d make a “pop-up” album – one or two new songs and a collection of my existing songs gathered around that theme.  Late January I began writing in earnest, with the plan to make the album available exclusively for download on my website.

As is so often the case, my creative juices got the better of me and the project expanded.  The result is now online – BOSS OF THE CROSS 2015!  Of the 24 tracks, 6 are new songs exclusive to this new collection.  I’ve focused on the events, theology and implications of Jesus death and resurrection.  I’ve nodded in the direction of our secular expressions – eggs, buns and bunnies – but the intention is to sing Christ into the centre of Easter.

Click here to download the album

Using the code ITEACHCEN

Christian teachers are able to download the album at a 50% discount.

In addition to high quality mp3 files, the package contains all lyrics, musical score for the existing songs and my scrawled chord sheets for the new songs.

I pray that this might be a useful resource to you as you direct your students to the weight and wonder of Christ for us, death defeated, sins atoned for.

Every blessing