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National Conference and AGM

We are looking forward to the CEN National Conference and AGM this weekend in Canberra. Principals and parents from school associations from all around Australia will be gathering to encourage each other in the pursuit of Christian education in each school context, listen to Dr Rod Thompson on the topic of ‘grow’ in the context of Christian education and to participate in a series of workshops dealing with issues relevant to Christian schooling. We will also be holding the CEN Annual General Meeting during this time.

For those of you coming, we look forward to seeing you there.


The NEW Nurture

Have you seen the new look Nurture magazine? Anne Blair-Hickman, the editor, is now seeking contributions from parents and students of Christian schools for a range of submissions. You might have a parenting insight or experience to share or raise; a Christian education or parenting resource; a book or movie review; news on an event at your school; tips and ideas about nurturing your parent association. Anne would love to receive any ideas and suggestions as well as resources and articles to help make Nurture a magazine that serves Christian families in Christian schools.

Send all enquires to

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NEW Website for CEN

The CEN website has been getting very tired of late and has started to break around the edges (do you know the feeling?). We have completely redesigned and relaunched a new site that we feel will better serve you and represent our national association:

We would like to highlight three particular components:

1. What is Christian Education? – This is a section dedicated to explaining Christian education including a series of FAQs. We encourage you to have a link to this page on your school website. Click here

2. State pages – We have now dedicated a section of the website to each state. We are calling this the ‘state page’. It is where you will find specific state based information for your state or territory. You will easily navigate to this page when you enter the site.

3. Job vacancy form – Adding a job vacancy is now via a straight forward online form. Placing a job vacancy on the site should only take a few minutes. All job vacancies placed using this form will still automatically appear on the CEPA website and fortnightly Job List email to CEPA members.

NB: You do not need to use passwords to register for any part of this site now.

Call for images

Prior to the International Transforming Education Conference in Darwin (2011) we made a request to have quality images of students and learning scenes sent to us. The sort of quality images that are used in your local school promotional material. These images formed a wonderful slideshow at the beginning of each day at the conference which was not only unifying but wonderfully inspiring.

These images have then gone on to form the basis of promotional material that CEN has produced over the last few years – websites, brochures, slideshows and our journals. These images are much better than having to resort to stock images.


Please send in to us any new images that you have authorisation for. We would love to communicate our unity as a ‘family’ by continuing to use authentic images of our learners and teachers.

We would also like to feature them again at ITEC15 next year in Melbourne.

Send or share all images to


Christian education in south India

We received the following correspondence from Bert Kuipers in Tasmania. Can we please commend the opportunities to you for the growth of Christian education in the developing world.



I am coordinating and promoting an education focus trip to South India.  Education is a most significant developmental issue.

As well, I’m trying to foster a Christian perspective on education in a developing country like India where there are such huge challenges already.

So as well as being a challenging learning curve for the participant (in that it will give an appreciation of the difficulties kids face in India), another purpose of the trip is that there might be some opportunities to collaborate and come alongside young Indian teachers who are starting to think Christianly.

We would look at lots of different issues in education from problems of illiteracy, poverty, breakdown of education systems, teaching and learning in rural situations, tertiary and technical education etc. As well we will be looking at teaching and the opportunity for missions – Biblical literacy.

The dates have been tentatively set for 20 September to the 4th October. (School holidays in most Eastern States of Australia – they are 1 week later in other states)

The itinerary would take in venues in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

I’m coordinating this trip as I have many contacts in India. I have personally been to India on many occasions.

COST.  I can’t be totally specific, but I’m quite certain that it won’t be in excess of $A 2,500. This would include return budget airfares, internal travel, meals and budget accommodation.

The tour will be an amazing experience for anyone, but there won’t be much time for R&R. We would take in the following components that have “Christian” foundations:

– a one year post grad education course for first generation learners.

– a rural school for primary and secondary students.

– a technical trade training centre.

– there would be visits to government schools

– tuition centres that take in the after school coaching program.

–  inaugrating the Jesus Story Book Bible in Hindi and Gujarati language.


NB (A simple expression of interest does not bring any obligations, it just means that you would like to be kept in the loop.)

Please contact me at    for any questions you may have.


NEW ‘Welcome’ brochure

This is a brochure that serves as a ‘Welcome to Christian education’ handout. The intention was that it could be given to new parents and staff joining your Christian school. It gives them a brief overview of what Christian education is trying to achieve. It also serves the purpose of introducing to them the notion that their school is part of something much bigger; Christian Education National.

We also anticipated that this brochure could be used for promotion of your school in the wider community by placing it in people’s hands at open days, school tours, etc. Or even to be left in doctors surgeries or, as one school has already suggested, letterboxes. To this end the brochure is designed in such a way as to allow for a label identifying the school to be added (an example of this has been included). We have designed a template for these labels so they can be printed from a standard label sheet that can also be supplied by us.

We ‘launched’ this brochure at the recent CEN Principals and Executives’ Conference and we have already sold out of the first 5000.

Click here for more information and to order copies for your school

Click here for a short video demonstration of how it unfolds

Click here to preview the content


Maranatha Christian School

We are happy to let you know that Maranatha Christian School have appointed a new principal. Dr Roderick Crouch will be officially commencing his role in July, though is currently involved in the maintenance of the school via Skype from the Arab Emirates. We hope and pray for a smooth transition for Roderick.