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NEW National Coordinator

It is with great pleasure that I announce the Board appointment of Michelle Dempsey to the role of National Coordinator. The Board and National Office are excited about working with Michelle in this capacity. Michelle brings great passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the national leadership team and will be a wonderful asset in building the community of CEN around a common vision for Christian education.

Michelle has been a Principal in a CEN school; is a graduate of the National Institute for Christian Education; was a significant factor on the success of ITEC 2011; and currently chairs the committee for ITEC 2015. Michelle will also continue initially in her role as State Executive Officer for Victoria, albeit in a reduced time allocation. With the many changes in leadership within Victorian schools it is good that some continuity can be maintained in the executive role.

As announced previously, I will be continuing in his role of CEO of CEN as well as Principal of the National Institute for Christian Education.

More Principal Appointments

A number of additional appointments have been announced recently.


These include:

Chris Prior to Bayside

Jason Riding to Mountain District Christian School

Russell McKane to Nhulunbuy Christian School

Dr Roderick Crouch to Maranatha Christian School (Rod is new to CEN)

Melanie Woods to Devonport Christian School

Geoff Hewitt to Kuyper Christian School (Geoff is currently NSW SEO).

NB: Leighland Christian School is still in the process of appointing a new principal.

NEW Editor for Nurture

It is exciting for Nurture Magazine that we announce the appointment of Anne Blair-Hickman as the new editor. Anne has been a member of the Editorial Committee for the last few years. She is involved in the community of Nepean Christian School with 4 children in the school and a position on the staff as Library Assistant.

Nurture plays a key role in sharing the vision of Christian education among the parents of our Christian schools and we are looking forward to Anne being at the helm as we head into a time when we are seeking to be even more strategic about the role of Nurture for this task. Keep an eye out for a new look and a new strategy unfolding in next year’s editions.

Anne’s new email address will be:

Professional development for your staff

Christian Education National is committed to the continuing professional development of Christian educators through the National Institute for Christian Education. The National Institute has a strong heritage of offering postgraduate professional study in Christian education as well as customised PD at the school and state conference level.

However, very shortly you will be receiving a timetable for about a dozen National Institute one-day PD courses based on the National Teacher Standards (as developed by AITSL) to be held in various locations around Australia. The idea is for you to send a number of teachers to these courses so they can confer and share with your whole staff. Research indicates that one-off PD has little impact unless it is incorporated into the practice of the school and there is follow up. To this end, an important component of our PD courses will be collaborative follow-up to ensure learning is  incorporated into practice.

As well as these timetabled PD courses, there is still the opportunity to arrange school-based PD such as Certificate of Christian Education (CCE) and God’s Story. Specific tailored PD can also be arranged. In addition, the National Institute is working towards a CCE 2, which will take teachers a little further in what it is to  ‘teach Christianly’.

There is always the opportunity for teachers to use participation in either version of PD towards a postgraduate degree and for staff to undertake PD in tutorial groups leading to postgraduate qualifications.

Save the date – ITEC15

save the date 610

New Hope International


…bring news of their activities. At times we also have our folk serve on their Board. To enhance this relationship NHI would like to encourage our schools to have an advocate.

Click here for details on becoming and advocate

The other opportunity is for a school or group of schools to partner with Sudanese Christian schools. The Sudanese Reformed Churches are establishing schools and a training college. Given the heritage of some of our associations, this may be a partnership worth exploring.

Click here to explore school partnerships

A Reflection on 8People

Following the 2016 Study Tour to New Zealand, Paul Arundell (Director of Edu cation at NT Christian Schools) has written a reflective article on the 8People program which you might find helpful to understand what it is and how it fits in our Christian schools.

Click here to read Paul’s article.