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National Office review

The CEN National Board recently initiated a review of the national office. One of the catalysts for this exercise was the predicted budget shortfall this year that wasn’t likely to improve in 2014. An operating surplus of at least $50 000 has been the goal of Board and executive. The review has recommended that a significant restructure take place and as a result the positions of Academic Dean and Executive Assistant/PA to the CEO have been made redundant.

Geoff will be staying on until the end of the year and Arle’s last day will be Tuesday 3 September 2013.  Arle has worked for CEN in various roles for the past 18 years and her contribution will be fully realised in the next couple of months as we become more aware of how much she has held this place together. Her understanding of and commitment to Christian education has meant that her roles have been more than a job. I have personally greatly appreciated her professional and personal support to me while I have been in the CEO chair.

My role from next year will be focussed on being Principal of the Institute while retaining a ‘spokesperson’ role for CEN. The arrangements for covering other executive tasks and the arrangements for AACS are still to be resolved. The Board will be discussing these issues at its next meeting 13-14 September and more information will be made available in the weeks following this meeting.

Next year’s AGM (2014)

Following generally favourable feedback the Board has decided to retain Canberra as the venue for the 2014 AGM. The levy arrangements may need modification and members will be informed of details in due course.

Teacher education consortium

CEN sees the continuing professional learning of  teachers in teaching Christianly as crucial to the nurturing of Christian education in our schools.

Some schools have contributed generously to this venture and this is greatly appreciated. However, the National Institute Consortium still hasn’t achieved it’s budgeted level. Associations that were not able to commit are asked to prayerfully reconsider in light of any changed circumstances such as increased enrolments. For further information on this please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Christian Educators’ Professional Association

The Board is encouraged that CEPA is growing (now around 600 members). Directors are grateful to the associations that have encouraged and facilitated membership. It continues to see this body as a key strategy for our teachers to grow in their capacity to teach Christianly and to engage in mutual support of each other. The more educators involved the more this professional association can be a powerful tool.

Click here to visit the CEPA website

Click here to access the latest CEPA Newsletter



Meeting teacher professional standards

Membership, and participation, in the Christian Educators’ Professional Association may meet the requirements of a number of the National Professional Standards for Teachers produced by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

This is particularly the case for:

7.4 Engage with professional teaching networks and broader communities.

Principal vacancies

There are a number of vacancies in the role of principal around the country. The appointment of Principal is possibly one of the most important decisions Boards will make. We have been encouraged by the associations that have requested our advice and/or engaged our services in the recruitment process.

Click here for further details and to request the recruitment pack and details of this consultancy service.

Student work for Nurture

Your school has an opportunity to showcase student work in the last edition of Nurture this year

  • Poems
  • Photos of projects
  • Creative writing
  • Artwork
  • An account of a learning adventure
  • Anything that can be represented in print (be creative)

I am reminded of Eric Liddell’s quote, “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.” Our students can bring glory to God when they faithfully respond to His gifting and they ‘run’ fast in certain spheres of learning. This edition will be an opportunity to bring further glory to God by showcasing student faithfulness. Remember though, that ‘running fast’ may simply be an expression of faithfulness rather than ‘excellence’.

Please forward these details on to anyone who might be willing to contribute their students’ work in this wonderful opportunity to bring glory to God and a smile to many faces as they open the pages of this edition.

Please submit all student work to me by Tuesday September 10 with a small description that provides the context of the learning task (don’t forgot to make sure you have student permission or permission from parents if there is an image of a student).

Click here to make a submission.

This edition could be really quite rich and encouraging if people make a variety of submissions.

Thanks in advance.

Chris Parker


The Planning Committee for the 2015 International Transforming Education Conference has begun work on this event to be held in Melbourne 13-16 July. The theme is ‘Reading Word and World’ and addresses the need for Christian educators to be readers of the Bible and readers of culture.

Fascinating and engaging speakers/presenters have been booked. Now is the time to start planning for these dates to be available in the school calendar and for the facilitation of your professional development budget.

More specific details will follow shortly. Stay tuned.

State Executive Officers

The Board has recently acknowledged the crucial job carried out by our state representatives. Even though there are different arrangements in each state, the group of SEOs, under the leadership of Simon Matthews (TAS),  work not only for the good of their own region but also with the national executive in pursuing the national CEN agenda.

Recently new arrangements in WA have come into effect. As well as Paul Arundell representing the State, Wendy Joyce has agreed to extend her coordination services to WA as well as continuing to serve the associations of SA.

The SEO’s are as follows (why not send yours a note of encouragement):

Geoff Hewitt
NSW, QLD and ACT State Executive Officer
m: 0438 027 303
p: 02 4230 3767


Geoff Bateman
State Executive Officer NT
m: 0427 972 215
p: 08 8920 4355


Wendy Joyce
State Executive Officer SA
m: 0418 857 411
p: 08 8636 5028


Simon Matthews
State Executive Officer TAS
p: 02 6224 8300


Michelle Dempsey
State Executive Officer VIC
m: 0422 107 630
p: 03 9754 2592


Paul Arundell
State Executive Officer WA
m: 0467 506 081


NEW resource

“God’s Story” is a teaching resource for people serious about
communicating the message, the patterns, the coherence and the power of God’s Word.

Click here to watch video

Click here to download an information brochure and order form

Click here to purchase immediately online

God's Story Pic

This resource is in the form of a long wall chart and user’s guide and is
ideally suited for use in staff training, for Bible study curriculum
and discussions in the unifying Word of God. It is suitable for older
children, teenagers, young adults, church and university study groups,
Bible Studies, introducing new Christians to the Bible, training Christian
workers/teachers and many other contexts.

Are our Christian teachers equipped to handle the Bible well? Can we be sure that:

• They know the story line of the Bible?
• They could identify the major episodes of God’s Story?
• They have embraced the purpose of God’s Story?
• They could identify and explain the grand unifying themes of God’s Story?
• They cherish the stunning consistency and cohesion of the authoritative Word of God?
• They could model an enthusiasm and passion for God’s unfolding story?

It not only provides a chronology of the story of God, but it aligns the people
of God’s Word with the books and events of that great story. Importantly, it also features
almost 20 consistent, recurring, unifying grand themes that act like foundations for the
great construct that is the Bible.

For Christian schools, Boards and Principals want to be confident that all staff can
competently teach and model from the Bible on a daily basis. They want staff to be well
informed about the message and themes of the Bible and its place in informing a view
of the world, of life and of learning.

Click here to download an information brochure and order form

Click here to purchase immediately online

Board members

The Board is considering the appointment of new members to the National Board. The Illawarra Association has suggested Geoff Brisby and the Board is grateful for this initiative.

Points for prayer

Prayer for all of the above matters would be appreciated.

The matters below concerning members of our family especially need your prayers.

  • Geoff Beech’s father died late last week. This has been a tough year for Geoff and we ask that you uphold him in prayer.
  • Lorraine Hook, who recently announced her retirement from the principalship of Bayside Christian School, recently underwent surgery for cancer. Please pray as she continues to recover.
  • Many of you will have heard the sad news that Sue Bateman (wife of NT Schools CEO) is suffering from an inoperable cancer. We have been greatly encouraged by the faithful way Sue and Geoff are responding in this very stressful situation. Please prayerfully partner with them in this journey. Click here for a blog that Geoff and Sue are keeping through this journey.