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UPDATE: Sequel to Transformation by Design

Many will be aware that a follow-up resource to Transformation by Design: The Big Picture has been in the planning for some time. We are pleased to announce that significant progress has been made. Please stay tuned for announcements.

Book title
The book will be called:
Transformation by Design: Crafting Formational Learning

Following is a sneak peek at the contents:

Chapter 1
Crafted Teaching and Formational Learning – What’s Our Purpose?

Chapter 2
Curious and Courageous Teachers – Who Are We As Teachers?

Chapter 3
Curious and Courageous Students – Who Are Our Students and Who Are They Becoming?

Chapter 4
Extending the Big Picture Template – Which Planning Tools?

Chapter 5
Assessment Towards Formational Learning – How are our Students Learning and Forming, and How do we Communicate This?

Chapter 6
Understanding the Teaching and Learning Landscape – What’s our Frame for Understanding?

Chapter 7
Formational Teaching and Learning Practices – How do we Design and Plan Formational Learning?

Chapter 8
The Learning Community, Culture, and Space – Where are our Students Learning?

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