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The Frog & The Fish

The official book launch for Chris Parker’s book, The Frog and the Fish: Reflections on work, technology, sex, stuff, truth and happiness, was launched at Glenbrook Anglican Church on 23 August. This was a lovely evening, celebrating Chris’s work that has been published under the National Institute for Christian Education.

The Frog and the Fish, is aimed primarily at young adults moving from school to life-after-school. With that in mind, many teachers have already commented on how they have found the book helpful.

The Frog and the Fish explores the current cultural narratives that are shaping our views of some of the big ‘issues’ of life—purpose of work; traps with technology; sex and self-image; the place of stuff in our lives; the existence of absolute truth; and the source of ultimate happiness.

In line with what we hope to achieve through CEN and our National Institute, the book seeks to unfold how a biblical lens can provide clarity on the big questions and issues of life. It invites the reader to see a view of work, sex, technology, stuff, truth, happiness, etc. shaped by the Christian big-picture story of the world. It inspires the reader to recognise when they are being shaped by alternative stories that threaten their true identity.

You may like to know that the book is supported by an interactive website that includes additional videos and teaching resources.

As an organisation committed to gospel truth, we are very excited by the launch of The Frog and the Fish, and we are grateful for Chris’s work on this project.

Orders for the book can be accessed through our eStore or by calling the National Office on 02 4773 5800.

Click here for more information and to purchase The Frog & The Fish.

The Frog and The Fish

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