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State Executive Officers

The Board has recently acknowledged the crucial job carried out by our state representatives. Even though there are different arrangements in each state, the group of SEOs, under the leadership of Simon Matthews (TAS),  work not only for the good of their own region but also with the national executive in pursuing the national CEN agenda.

Recently new arrangements in WA have come into effect. As well as Paul Arundell representing the State, Wendy Joyce has agreed to extend her coordination services to WA as well as continuing to serve the associations of SA.

The SEO’s are as follows (why not send yours a note of encouragement):

Geoff Hewitt
NSW, QLD and ACT State Executive Officer
m: 0438 027 303
p: 02 4230 3767


Geoff Bateman
State Executive Officer NT
m: 0427 972 215
p: 08 8920 4355


Wendy Joyce
State Executive Officer SA
m: 0418 857 411
p: 08 8636 5028


Simon Matthews
State Executive Officer TAS
p: 02 6224 8300


Michelle Dempsey
State Executive Officer VIC
m: 0422 107 630
p: 03 9754 2592


Paul Arundell
State Executive Officer WA
m: 0467 506 081


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