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Special Offer From Colin Buchanan

Colin’s children have all gone to a Christian Education National school and he has been involved with the governance of the school for a number of years. He is making this offer available to CEN teachers.



Having started my professional life as a teacher, I am very aware of the busy nature of school life.  I have just completed a new Easter album and I wanted to make it available at 50% OFF to Christian teachers for a limited time.  Let me explain.

I’m very grateful for the partnership I’ve had with Christian teachers and chaplains as my songs are sung in classrooms, assemblies, chapel services and the like.  It’s always a delight to hear that the songs are useful and enthusiastically embraced across Australia.

For some time I’ve been asked to consider releasing an album specifically intended for use around Easter.  I began this year thinking I’d make a “pop-up” album – one or two new songs and a collection of my existing songs gathered around that theme.  Late January I began writing in earnest, with the plan to make the album available exclusively for download on my website.

As is so often the case, my creative juices got the better of me and the project expanded.  The result is now online – BOSS OF THE CROSS 2015!  Of the 24 tracks, 6 are new songs exclusive to this new collection.  I’ve focused on the events, theology and implications of Jesus death and resurrection.  I’ve nodded in the direction of our secular expressions – eggs, buns and bunnies – but the intention is to sing Christ into the centre of Easter.

Click here to download the album

Using the code ITEACHCEN

Christian teachers are able to download the album at a 50% discount.

In addition to high quality mp3 files, the package contains all lyrics, musical score for the existing songs and my scrawled chord sheets for the new songs.

I pray that this might be a useful resource to you as you direct your students to the weight and wonder of Christ for us, death defeated, sins atoned for.

Every blessing


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