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School Leadership Changes for 2020

During this time of the year, we begin to hear more about the changes in leadership in our member schools. These are the latest changes that you may or may not be aware of:

  • Calderwood Christian School (NSW) has appointed Darren Hutton to the role of Principal commencing in 2020. Darren is currently serving as the Head of Middle and Senior School at Bundaberg Christian School, QLD. Whilst the team at Calderwood look forward to Darren’s arrival, they (along with the staff at Illawarra, Cordeaux) will also farewell their Executive Principal, Tony Horsely.
  • Covenant Christian School (NSW) has appointed Melissa Brown to the role of Principal, commencing in 2020. Bill Rusin will be farewelled towards the end of this year.
  • Orange Christian School (NSW) has appointed Ken Greenwood to the role of Principal. Ken is currently SEO for CSA schools in Victoria. The team at Orange look forward to welcoming him on board in 2020.
  • Son Centre Christian School (VIC) has appointed Brett Allen to the role of Principal commencing in 2020. Rachel Richardson has served this vibrant little community with great determination and strength. She will be farewelled at the end of this year. Brett comes to Son Centre from St Phillip’s College – Port Stephens (NSW).
  • Recently, Debra Twartz stepped down from the CEO position for NT Christian Schools and is currently on study leave. Phoebe Van Bentum has been appointed as Acting CEO.
  • Jack Joyce has resigned as Principal from Tyndale Christian School (NSW) following over 10 years of faithful service at the school. Jack will finish up at the end of this year.

CEN has been pleased to be of assistance to these member schools in their executive appointments through CEN Consultancy Services.

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