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Recent Professional Development

July was another significant period this year for professional development and conferences for staff in our schools. Through state conferences and in-school training,1200 participants have engaged with National Institute certificate professional development. Training has been from one or more of the following array of workshops:

Certificate of Christian Education (1 day):

  • CCE (Foundations) – aka “CCE”
  • CCE (God’s Story)
  • CCE (Deliver)
  • CCE (Design)
  • CCE (Design II)

Certificate of Christian Practice (1 Day):

  • CCP New Teacher Induction
  • CCP Dealing with Bullying
  • CCP Technology and Effective Pedagogy
  • CCP Effective Reflective Classroom
  • CCP Teaching Mathematics | English | Science | History

Certificate of Collaboration (school-led over 8 staff meeting sessions)*

  • CC Biblical Foundations of Christian Education
  • CC Worldviews and Education
  • CC Effective Teaching
  • CC Ways of Learning

* There is the option (by way of clearly detailed additional reflection) of some teachers gaining postgraduate credit through this process.

The training this year has been at:

  • NT Christian Schools – CCE
  • Richmond Christian College – CCE
  • Wycliffe Christian School – CCE
  • Mountains Christian College – CCE (Deliver)
  • King’s College – CCE (Design)
  • Heritage Christian School – CCE (Deliver)
  • Strathalbyn Christian College – CCE (Design)
  • Christian Schools Tasmania – CCP (New Teacher Induction)
  • Torrens Valley Christian School – CCE (God’s Story)
  • Sutherland Shire Christian School – CCE
  • Covenant Christian School (VIC) – CCP (Teaching Mathematics)
  • National Office – CCP (New Teacher Induction)
  • Annandale Christian College – CCE
  • Nepean Christian School – CCE
  • Bayside Christian College – CCE
  • Carnarvon Christian School – CCE (Design)
  • Dubbo Christian School – CCE (Design II) NEW
  • Maitland Christian School – CCE (Design)
  • Covenant Christian School NSW (CEPA Conference) CCE (Design)
  • NT Christian Schools – CCE (Design)
  • Shire Christian School – CCE (Design)

Still to come:

  • St Phillip’s Christian College – CCE (Design)
  • Strathalbyn Christian College – CCE
  • Chairo Christian School – CCE (Design)
  • John Knox Christian School (Vancouver) CCE (Design)
  • Launceston Christian School CCE (Deliver)
  • Launceston Christian School CCE (Foundations)
  • Torrens Valley Christian School CCE (Foundations)


NEW Certificate: CCE (Design II)

We recently piloted a follow-up training session to the CCE (Design). This is for schools who have done the Transformation by Design training through the CCE (Design) and want to do two things:

  • evaluate how they have progressed using the model
  • explore the next stage of curriculum design (teaching activities, pedagogy, assessment) from a transformation philosophy and embracing backwards design

    We are thinking that schools would engage with this 12 – 24 months after the CCE (Design).

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