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National Institute 2017 Graduation Ceremony

On Monday 13 March, the National Institute for Christian Education celebrated with 31 teachers from around Australia as they officially completed their post-graduate studies in Christian education. The graduates were awarded qualifications in:

· Graduate Diploma of Education
· Masters of Education
· Masters of Education (Leadership)

We were honoured to participate in the formal graduation ceremony with Morling College on the campus of the Kings School, Sydney. It was exciting to see these CEN teachers and school administrators fulfilling this accomplishment in the furthering of their higher education preparation as qualified Christian educators and leaders.

It was also very encouraging for those graduating to be supported in person by the wider National Institute lecturing team. The Institute lecturing team plays such a significant role in both inspiring and challenging our teachers through the many years of study. To be together at graduation was a great privilege and positively reflected the close relationships often built between teacher and lecturer when studying with the National Institute.

List of 2017 Graduates:

Graduate Diploma of Education
•   Jason Beer
•   Alistair Coffey
•   Philip Cooney
•   Colleen Dutlow
•   Anne-Maree Forbes
•   Shirley Gillie
•   Nissa Heading
•   Nathan Hunter
•   Lisa James
•   Sharon Jenkins
•   Leon Pedersen
•   Sharon Rodrigo-Wilson
•   Roslyn Wood

Master of Education
•   Darryl Baker
•   Trudie Barry
•   Erin Caudullo
•   Michael Dempsey
•   Jennifer Dykstra
•   Karissa Esselbrugge
•   Luke Ivory
•   Catherine Mitiku
•   Luke Pereira
•   Kathryn Powys
•   Mavis Price
•   Linda Royce
•   Michael Street
•   Timothy White
•   Jonathan Wouters

Master of Education (Leadership)
•   Nicole Conway
•   Jucinta Cram
•   Marion Poynton


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