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Professional Learning

Many schools have embraced CEN Professional learning workshops for their teams during the January pupil free training days. A list of many of the events follows. There might be a school near you that you could join in with for a day of Christ-centred professional learning:

  • Authentic Christian Education,  NT Christian Schools, 16 January
  • Curriculum Design and the Big Picture, NT Christian Schools, 17 January
  • Authentic Christian Education, Nepean Christian School, 20 January 
  • Classrooms and Formational Learning, Belmont Christian College, 21 January 
  • School in the Belly of the Culture, Rehoboth Christian College, 22 January
  • Bible in the Belly of the School, Carinya Christian School, 22 January
  • Classrooms and Formational Learning, Covenant Christian School (NSW), 22 January
  • Authentic Christian Education, Christian Schools Tasmania, 23 January 
  • Bible in the Belly of the College, Annandale Christian College, 24 January
  • Bible in the Belly of the School, Maranatha Christian School, 28 January
  • Bible in the Belly of the School, Emmaus Christian School, 30 January
  • Bible in the Belly of the School, Tyndale Christian School, 30 January
  • Classrooms as Grace-shaped Communities, Leighland Christian School, 30 January 
  • Classrooms as Grace-shaped Communities, Deniliquin Christian School, 31 January

 If you would like more information or are interested in attending a workshop, please contact

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