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Professional development for your staff

Christian Education National is committed to the continuing professional development of Christian educators through the National Institute for Christian Education. The National Institute has a strong heritage of offering postgraduate professional study in Christian education as well as customised PD at the school and state conference level.

However, very shortly you will be receiving a timetable for about a dozen National Institute one-day PD courses based on the National Teacher Standards (as developed by AITSL) to be held in various locations around Australia. The idea is for you to send a number of teachers to these courses so they can confer and share with your whole staff. Research indicates that one-off PD has little impact unless it is incorporated into the practice of the school and there is follow up. To this end, an important component of our PD courses will be collaborative follow-up to ensure learning is  incorporated into practice.

As well as these timetabled PD courses, there is still the opportunity to arrange school-based PD such as Certificate of Christian Education (CCE) and God’s Story. Specific tailored PD can also be arranged. In addition, the National Institute is working towards a CCE 2, which will take teachers a little further in what it is to  ‘teach Christianly’.

There is always the opportunity for teachers to use participation in either version of PD towards a postgraduate degree and for staff to undertake PD in tutorial groups leading to postgraduate qualifications.

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