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8th August 2015

Parent Information Night: Digit@l Parenting

Recently, Chris Parker spoke at a parent information night at Strathalbyn Christian School in Geraldton, WA. Chris spoke about the issues to consider when parenting digitally connected children. It was well recieved by the 50 or so parents attending. The advertised information for the night was as follows:

Digital Parenting:

Exploring issues when parenting digitally connected children

Facebook, Forums, Sexting and Snapchat; what in the worldwide web is happening? More importantly, how do I parent well, with my children being connected to so much digital distraction and alternative views of the world and life? What is helpful and what is unhelpful—and where is the line between? We want to invite you to a vital information evening about social media, presented by Chris Parker. Social media, has a profound effect on young people, the way they understand themselves and their friendships. While it can be a tool of great good, all too often it is the cause of great anxiety and damage.

This workshop/presentation is designed to equip you in navigating your children through the opportunities and threats that a digitally connected life brings, and towards the true view of all things found in the cross-centred story of the Bible.


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