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In the September edition of Nurture, we have a wonderful collection of articles challenging parents towards a fuller and deeper understanding of what it means to raise their children in the Lord, and how they partner with their school in this.

The article ‘The P’s of Partnering’ helps to unfold what partnering can look like in this day and age, I expect it could be both very affirming and challenging for your parents. If you would like a copy of this article to distribute with your school newsletter – please be in contact.

What about you?
Do you have something you think you could share with the Nurture audience? Or maybe you know someone you could encourage to write? Someone you go to sounding ideas or to seek wisdom from years of experience?

We love to receive submissions for Nurture articles. We love to hear a brief tale, a well-reasoned argument, a crafted poem, and even snippets to share in the “A Few Things” page. Many articles stem from our schools and playgrounds, though they are shaped to be more than news stories. Instead, they are mutually edifying for many parents and carers around our schools.

Most articles are either around 400 words or 800 words. Though some things just don’t fit in that pattern, and that is fine. At the back of each edition is our editorial policy if you are wondering what guides us as we carve out each edition.

Please be in touch, even if it is to dob someone in!

Nina Edlin

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