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New Teaching and Learning Conference

We are excited to announce that a new conference planned for 2017 will be running in parallel with the Developing Leaders Conference in Darwin.The T&L space is a vital one for Christian schools (CS) as they seek to be an authentic expression for Christian education. This is why the Transformation by Design resource has been so helpful to schools. It’s captured the broad thrust of what Christian education is about in ‘teacher-friendly’ explanations and shown that it’s quite possible to work in conjunction with prescribed curriculum (whatever version of the AC that your state is using).

Increasingly CS’s are placing more leadership resources into the T&L area as they recognise the need. To date there hasn’t been a specific forum or network for T&L leaders across CEN schools. Some have been involved in CEPA and Institute training but providing specific input and drawing these leaders together has been our desire for some time. We’ve got good news. Running alongside the Developing Leaders Conference in Darwin, Sept 4-7, 2017 is the opportunity for all CEN and other CS T&L leaders to gather and look at:
Showcasing helpful and insightful contributions
· Where’s TbD at? The next stages
· The need to do more distinctive thinking and work in the pedagogy space.

This is a need and network that’s earned it’s place. So stand TALL and ensure that every CEN school has at least one T&L leader coming. It’ll be invaluable. If the Darwin flight sounds too much for your Principal (who’s weighing up the PD budget) explain to him or her that it’s only an extra $200 or so on top of a flight to any of the eastern capitals. Don’t miss this vital and foundational conference…

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