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NEW CCE Workshops

Many in our school communities have engaged with the Certificate of Christian Education which is a one day workshop laying down the foundations and core values of Christian education in an accessible and entertaining way for all staff and parents. The National Institute for Christian Education has designed follow-on workshops for schools wanting to enhance biblical literacy or develop teaching staff.

The following indicates the certificates currently available:


Certificate of Christian Education (CCE)
The flagship of our professional development courses is the Certificate of Christian Education that is designed for all members of the Christian school community including ancillary staff and parents. It is Christian education 101 and is also available in an online format for individual study. It addresses the questions; what is Christian education?, what is the purpose of Christian schooling?, where did Christian education come from? The course includes historical, theological and philosophical elements and gives participants an understanding of the: development of Christian schooling in Australia; biblical basis and worldview implications. This course would be a beneficial addition to any new staff induction program. For many this course provides a new perspective on education and for others it is like an old friend that it is really good to catch up with from time to time.


CCE (Design)
For the school wanting to dedicate a whole day of staff training in curriculum development, the National Institute has developed the CCE (Design). This 1 day (or equivalent) workshop explores designing school curriculum in response to the Australian Curriculum (or any mandated curriculum) from a biblical perspective. The interactive and collaborative practical sessions will develop the Transformation by Design model for curriculum development and a significant component will include training in the use of the National Institute’s resource, Transformation by Design.


CCE (Deliver)
This 1 day (or equivalent) workshop is for the school wanting to dedicate a whole day of staff training in pedagogy that is thoroughly Christian and shaped by the gospel. Teaching Christianly will include offering a biblically shaped perspective of the world through curriculum as well as practice and pedagogy that is biblically informed and shaped. The methods and techniques we use to teach our students in Christian schools will also be drawing them towards or away from the gospel. This workshop will explore the issues that need to be considered in the unique context of your Christian school when delivering a Christian pedagogy.


CCE (Teacher)
This is an optional bridging course between the CCE and the CCE(Design) and CCE(Deliver). It explores the areas of programming, pedagogy and people. The first of the 3 sessions deals with programming curriculum from biblical perspective and the issues to consider when unfolding a biblical worldview through your curriculum material. The second session then builds on this to explore how pedagogy will at times be distinctivlely different when shaped by the Bible. The workshop finishes with an exploration of the nature of Christian community and the particular characteristics of a Christian school community.


CCE (God’s Story)
Biblical literacy is critical for the successful delivery of Christian education. This one day workshop (or equivalent) provides an opportunity for staff and parents (even sernior students) to be better equipped at reading understanding that which is sharper than a two edged sword—the Word of God. This workshop is based on the popular God’s Story Banner and User’s Guide.


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