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National Institute for Christian Education Updates – Director’s Chat

The recent state conference season provided an excellent backdrop for CEN teachers to consider and participate in National Institute postgraduate and professional development study. Feedback from teachers of running the face-to-face ‘Kickstarter’ postgraduate units across a number of states was very well received. We will continue to pursue the ‘kickstarter’ support option in the future. Having direct access to some of our deepest thinkers in Christian education is a real highlight for many CEN teachers.

At a personal level, I was privileged to spend time at the New South Wales, Victorian, and Tasmanian conferences, and I appreciated the opportunity to reflect on the history, significance, and future importance of a strong and robust National Institute. The Institute exists to support you, the classroom teacher, in your pursuit of effective, intentional, and authentic Christian education.

I am excited by the prospect of visiting Western Australian, the Northern Territory and South Australia in the coming months.

If you are a driver of a car and spend your time sitting in traffic, please take the opportunity to download some episodes from our National Institute podcast channel.  

Click here to hear the podcasts.

On your behalf, the National Institute continues to pursue a wide range of new initiatives and projects and we look forward to sharing more detail with CEN teachers throughout 2017.

Semester 3 Enrolments Open

Semester 3 2017 enrolments opened on September 1. If you are a current postgraduate student of the National Institute, please enrol for your next unit now. If you would like to begin a Master of Education, Grad Dip Ed, or Master of Education (Leadership), we would love to have you studying with us!

Click here for more information.

Click here to apply now.

Alternatively, contact our friendly registrar Paul Badman at (02) 4773 5888.

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