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National Board News

The CEN Board is working on a number of items at the moment. Many of these will be reported on at the National Conference and AGM in May.

Risk Management Policy and Register
The CEN Board has an Audit and Risk Committee which has been working on a Risk Management Policy and Register. These essential documents are great to have finalised and active.

CEN / AACS National Issues Taskforce
The Board has approved a subcommittee of the board to be working as a taskforce on national issues. In particular, this taskforce has been looking at the possibilities of action (namely advice to schools), should the federal law around the exemptions of employment change. This team has met in January and February and will report at the AGM on any progress. The taskforce is made up of Mark Steyn, Simon Matthews, Yvonne Bradley, John Metcalfe, Erik Hofsink, Chris Prior, and Michelle Dempsey. Your prayers for wisdom and clarity are appreciated.

Development of Membership Covenant
Following the 2018 AGM, the Board has been working on the development of a Membership Covenant, that warmly and clearly states the desired relationship between our organisation and its members. The board looks forward to sharing this at the AGM in May.

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