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Launch of the NSW CEN Hub

CEN Hub – a company fully owned and managed with CEN NSW/ACT and committed to working together in Christ in the support of schools – was launched on Friday 20th May just before the CEN National Conference and AGM in Canberra. Thank you to everyone who attended this event and shared with the CEN NSW/ACT team in this exciting new step towards further supporting the needs of our schools.

Imagine a context where with in one sitting the State Education Act was amended to include a range of new requirements relating to governance of schools in the non-government sector  with a  requirement of school boards to demonstrate structures, policies, procedures and evidences of compliance with these amendments and the amendments being enacted immediately? Welcome to the world of CEN NSW schools! (As a by-note, these amendments have proven to be excellent and highly useful for our Boards to ensure they are meeting their legal requirements as responsible Persons under law).  For school leaders – Boards and Executives – the work begun in CEN Hub has already enabled a consistent, high quality response for all member schools in this one example and a range of others.

CEN Hub has come out of a deep desire of schools to not have to reinvent everything multiple times over in each individual school. Rather, to support schools by providing a hub for business and compliance resources that are quality controlled and readily accessible. We are committed to being a first-call centre for schools to run ideas and questions past as well as providing specific service delivery. CEN Hub is literally a “hub” – linking schools with services across our network and beyond. At CEN NSW/ACT, our vision is to build up school communities so they can fulfil their God-given purpose of providing education that takes all of the Bible into all of life. We believe that this involves partnership, responsive discipleship and loving accountability that supports how we do business and compliance as a network of like-minded schools.

Schools need now, more than ever, resources to help meet the ever-increasing compliance and educational demands. CEN Hub assists schools to address these from a uniquely Christian perspective.

CEN Hub member schools have access to:

  •         Compliance services – developed, audited and regularly monitored policies to meet registration requirements. Ongoing development of new policy documents and associated templates for schools.  Compliance networking and access for assistance.
  •         Risk management frameworks, policy and workshop
  •         Management of and provision of resources to schools for NSW Ombudsman requirements under the class or kind determination (and other statutory requirements as they arise). Liaison with ACT government relating to ongoing development of Child-safe policies and practices.
  •         Business  services advice
  •         Industrial relations contact and initial advice regarding general areas of compliance.

CEN Hub may also provide the following user-pays services, pending school interest:

  •         Pre-Registration school consultancy
  •         Compliance audit
  •         Payroll services – would need 100 staff across schools to make this viable)
  •         Accounts payable services
  •         BAS lodgement
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