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ITEC15 Student Art Needed

Just a reminder that the local committee for ITEC15 are keen to receive submissions of art work from students and teachers for the conference. It is hoped that the students and teachers would consider interpreting the theme through an expressive art work.  Details below . . .


As you know, ITEC15 is being held in Melbourne in July 2015.  We have an exciting opportunity for art teachers, students or parents from your school to showcase their work at the ITEC venue; the Pullman, Albert Park, during the conference.

The vision of the local planning committee is to have the work of students from our Australian schools displayed at the conference venue.  Some pieces will be original works set up on easels, others will be photographed and displayed digitally on large screens placed around the venue.  We may also choose some pieces to be reproduced on gift cards for conference presenters. All artists will be acknowledged.  We are asking that teachers and/or students interpret the theme of the conference and produce a piece of work (in any medium; 2D or 3D) that explores or responds to the conference theme. This could be in the form of a stand-alone piece, a class set of art for primary students or part of a portfolio for secondary students.  All artworks will need to be submitted before the 24th April, 2015.

The conference website discusses the conference theme as follows;

Reading Word and World: memes, themes and biblical dreams

Christian education understands that narratives or cultural ‘stories’, alternate to the gospel of the Lord Jesus, are shaping the lives and affections of young people.

Christian educators seek to be biblically literate, enabling them to unfold the true view of life and world to their students; how the gospel of the Lord Jesus brings sense and meaning to all of life. However, they must also be able to read the cultural stories, the ‘derailing voices’ that are constantly whispering (and sometimes screaming) seductive storylines with their distorted message about where purpose, meaning and understanding are to be found.

Reading the word and reading the world, this conference will explore the recurring themes and the vision for the good life presented by both narratives and how this plays out in the arena of education.

As this is a fairly huge project, we are asking Principals to support their art teachers in getting this project off the ground.  Would you please approach your Primary and Secondary Art Teachers with our ideas, and encourage them to consider supporting this important exhibition.  Teachers will need to complete the attached Intention to Submit Artworks form and send it to Karen Read

We are looking forward to receiving some amazing work from your schools.

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