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Ideas Exchange

For some time now CEN has maintained an Ideas Exchange for the sharing of policy documents between schools. Many times now we have fielded requests from a school wanting to write or update a policy document in a certain area of school life. When we point our members towards the Ideas Exchange they are often able to find a policy document that they can use as a template (and usually some other good ideas while they are there).

Click here to visit and search the Ideas Exchange.


Keeping the Ideas Exchange Current

If you have policy document that you have written and feel that they would be helpful to other then please email them to us so that we can place them in the Ideas Exchange for member schools to access as templates.


But What about Curriculum

Wouldn’t it be good to have something similar for curriculum for teachers? Well, we do! The Resources section(and their forums) in CEPA Central is a dynamic and collaborative place where ideas and resources are being shared all the time. Have you visited? Have you shared?

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