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How are you?

As a principal, business manager or board member how often do we ask
ourselves “How are we doing… really?”

In Christian schools we have a wonderful responsibility. It’s a responsibility to our parents, staff, students, pioneers and our God. Are you and your team on course? Or, are you drifting and being dictated to by your circumstances? Schools are dynamic organisations. Schools drift. Cultures shift. Priorities change. Every year new families join, and others leave. New board and staff bring fresh ideas. Long term members depart. Increasing levels of compliance, and more hoops to jump through, put pressure on resources. Proactive reviews rarely seem urgent. It is therefore little surprise that principals, business managers and board are eventually forced to ask, often with surprise, or worse, dismay, “how did we get here?”

Budgeting and planning for a regular cycle of reviews can help reduce surprises, or self-deception.

This takes humility. Lowering the barriers and inviting a trusted friend to come alongside you to help is liberating rather than  threatening. Implementing a cycle of reviews creates a school culture that declares you haven’t settled down, or stopped moving forward. As a network of schools developed over 50 years not much surprises us. The team at Christian Education National have seen schools grow, thrive, limp, bounce back, merge, fragment, unite, close and inspire.

When you and your team flourish we believe families in your care will flourish.

That’s our desire. Together let us be faithful with what we have been entrusted.

CEN’s range of reviews and 360 degree appraisals are designed to bring honest and constructive feedback to your staff, principal or board.

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