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From The National Institute

This year, we have been blessed with a range of learning opportunities that have assisted our understanding of Christian schooling. We have been encouraged to lead with a biblical vision for life. We have continued to think through how our worldview shapes our practice. We have been reminded that our teaching practice is formational, and been inspired to ensure our teaching actions are consistent with the biblical story. The importance of this learning should not be understated. In the article titled, There arose a generation that did not remember, Darren Iselin (2009) reminds us that,

“the preservation and perpetuation of core institutional vision, values, ethos and identity to succeeding generations are critical imperatives that confront all Christian educational organisations” (p.16)

At the National Institute, we love to learn from each other. We value our opportunities to gather together and share our understandings and practices at conferences. We also value the importance of ongoing learning about Christian schooling and how we can teach Christianly. We believe that postgraduate studies offer an opportunity for deep reflection, for collaboration, assist us perpetuating our approach to Christian schooling, and improve our practices.

Right now, we have over 80 students enrolled in Semester 2. We also have nearly 40 new students this year! Well above our total for last year. So we thank God for a sense of growth and excitement among our students and faculty. We also had a good response to the 2-3 day ‘Kickstarters’ offered at Chairo Christian School and ITEC.

This year, under Alphacrucis College, Semester 3 will be the same length (13 weeks) as a regular semester, so no one should feel rushed to completion. For those interested in studying with the National Institute in Semester 3 (which starts on November 25), you can enrol through the Enrolment Portal. This portal is the place to enrol in the Master of Education or the Master of Education (Leadership) as well as for continuing students to enrol in their next subject. Subject information is available for National Institute students in the eLearning Portal.

Please do not hesitate to contact Belinda at the National Office for further information or call (02) 4773 5888.

Dr Chris Prior
National Institute Deputy Principal


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