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From our Professional Learning Coordinator

We continue to develop and present professional learning for teachers, associate staff, parents, and boards. What happens first at the start of a year matters. Have you planned your professional learning for your pupil free days? Is it in line with your school’s vision and mission to offer authentic Christian education?

We can help.

Foundations: What is Christian Education (free 2hr online)
Foundations: Authentic Christian Education
Foundations: The Bible in the Belly of the School

Curriculum Design and the Big Picture
Curriculum Design and Biblical Perspective

Classrooms and Deeper Learning
Classrooms as Grace-shaped Communities
Classrooms and Assessment for Learning

Click here for the full suite, and descriptions, of professional learning workshops.

Places are filling fast for January and February. Please don’t hesitate to explore the ways in which we can help you and your team.

Christian Teachers Journal

We trust that you have found the editions this year helpful for you and your staff professional learning. Subscription invoicing is being sent out for next year which is a time to reflect on how to engage more teachers in your team doing professional reading that is in harmony with the vision of the school.

Click here for details on CTJ subscriptions.

For any inquiries about professional learning bookings or journal subscriptions please contact Alison Horwood.


Chris Parker

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