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From our Professional Learning Coordinator

Our professional learning presenters found it a privilege to work with a number of staff teams during the professional learning weeks in January. We enjoyed unfolding new material on formative assessment and deeper learning from a Christian perspective as it relates to the latest research, as well as our new Bible in the Belly of the School workshop. Please find below some of the comments made by workshop attendees:

“In 21 years of teaching in Christian schools, today has been the most significant and impacting day of professional development. It has been foundational, refreshing, reinvigorating and focussing.”

“I found today’s workshop just superb. The content was biblical and Jesus centric with excellent application to teaching from a Christian perspective and worldview in the classroom. The delivery was engaging and modelled quality teaching.”

“This course is incredible! Perfectly clarified and outlined many questions I had. The presentation was fun and engaging. Thank you! This content will be outworked not only in the school environment but day to day life.”

Can I briefly highlight again the rich new courses that we have been unfolding:

  • Classrooms and Deeper Learning
  • Classrooms as Grace-shaped Communities
  • Classrooms and Assessment for Learning
  • The Bible in the Belly of the School

Click here for more information.

Authentic Christian Education
(Certificate of Christian Education)

Don’t forget that this is now available as an interactive online course that is an excellent adjunct to your staff induction program. This is online and self-paced and we can allow your new staff plenty of time (months if needed) to work through it in their own time as a new staff member. Many schools have already signed all their new teachers (and support staff) to this resource.

Click here for more information and to access the course.


Chris Parker

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