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From our Nurture Editor

Nurture remains, essentially, to challenge Christian parents to a fuller and deeper responsibility towards the training and education of their children. It brings before the Christian community the compelling claims of Christ-centred education which supports parents in this task.

In many ways, it is our association magazine and can be an integral part of cultivating and growing the commitment of parents to your school and it’s association.

Many parents in CEN schools receive their own copy of Nurture as a result of the investment from their school in funding the subscription. Please be encouraged by this feedback from a CEN school parent reflecting on their experience with Nurture:

I’ve enjoyed reading more about CEN and its approach to providing a Christian Worldview approach to education. As someone investing in helping young adults work towards this ‘post-school’ in a discipleship community, I’m really pleased to see an educational approach looking further than putting a ‘bible verse’ stamped on the end of curriculum. – VIC CEN School Parent.

Isn’t it exciting to hear parents talking this way and thinking on these matters! These are the folk we need in our associations spurring each other on.

With our March edition out now, we will be sharing ‘snapshots’ of the articles on our Facebook page.

Nina Edlin

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