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From Our Nurture Editor

At CEN’s National Conference and AGM our member schools had the opportunity to commit to, and affirm, the Belonging to CEN document. The purpose of Belonging to CEN is that through it, each member school is reminded of our identity together. Each member schools is reminded that they are not alone. As each member refreshes their commitment, they realise that what they do in their school setting can impact all of us together.

Engaging well with Nurture as a school is one such an outworking of this commitment—while also serving the same purpose of reminding and unifying. Through Nurture parents are regularly reminded of who we are together, keeping our individual and collective vision strong. As parents and schools refresh and challenge their understanding of Christian education, they realise that what they do in their school setting can impact the wider Christian school community.

How are you engaging with Nurture?

Some strategies schools have been using include:

  • Featuring the magazine, or an individual article, in your school’s newsletter.
  • Distributing copies to local churches, or encouraging school families to share with folk at their church.
  • Posting the magazine home to bypass the school backpack—this also serves to highlight its value.
  • Placing a sticker on the front identifying that the school is providing this resource.
  • Inviting some of the article authors to speak at parent events.
  • Having staff or parents review articles. This is helpful for processing content as well as modelling engagement.
  • And my favourite: having parents, staff, or association members contribute to Nurture.


Nina Edlin

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