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From Our National Institute Academic Dean

We have recently completed an excellent Semester 1, 2019. Grades are now being finalised and we have begun accepting enrolments for Semester 2.

There are several special events/offerings happening in Semester 2:

  1.  Kickstarter EDU400 Biblical Foundations of Education (all courses) – will be offered 1-3 July at Chairo Christian School in Victoria AND after ITEC in Adelaide 18-19 July with Dr Rod Thompson.
  2. Other Kickstarters during and after ITEC include EDU579 Critical Evaluation of Professional Learning (MEd) and EDU507 Reflective Pedagogy (MEd).
    There is still time to enrol in any of these that will begin at ITEC and continue 
    throughout Semester 2.
  3. NEW SUBJECT: EDU526 Comparative and International Education (MEd and MEd(L)) – The aim of this course is to assist teachers and educational leaders to reflect on their worldview assumptions and then consider the implications of education in cross-cultural contexts. This is to be accomplished by exposing them to education systems and educational leadership practices in different cultural or country contexts. This process will include a brief study of theory related to comparative and international education, reflection and discussion, and practical experience of educational leadership in other settings. These other settings may include cross-cultural sites within the student’s country or, preferably, visiting schools in another country.
  4. UPDATED SUBJECT: EDU546 Equity and Inclusion: Educating Students with Disability (MEd) – This subject has been updated by UTas lecturer and CST Board Member Dr Chris Rayner. Highly recommended!
  5. LEADERSHIP UPDATED SUBJECT: EDU576 Reforming Leadership: Overseeing Change and Continuity (MEd(L)) – taught by Dr Ken Dickens. Also a great subject dealing with maintaining faithfulness to the school heritage and mission while delving into innovative approaches to teaching, learning and leading.

As always, you can enrol for any of these subjects through the Enrolment Portal 

How can you help students of the National Institute in your community?

  1. Encourage staff to embark on postgraduate study – even if they start their first core subject as a ‘non-award’ student to get the ‘feel’ of Masters-level study.
  2. Find ways to provide incentives for study – financial support, time off, and salary increases are just some ways schools do this.
  3. Ask National Institute students how they’re going. They would love your support and encouragement.
  4. Have ongoing scholarly conversations with those that are currently studying or have studied in the past.
  5. Provide spaces for Institute students to share their learning with others at the school – in newsletters, at faculty meetings, one-on-one with leaders and teachers.
  6. Model lifelong learning.


Beth Beech

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