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From Our Governance Coordinator

It is wonderful to see the growth in our school governance capacity and the commitment of so many board members to ensuring quality governance of schools. With strong, capable, cohesive boards, our schools are in great hands.

In recent months the third of our four Board Training online courses have become available (Board Functions). The courses are:

Board Induction – a self-paced online course for new board members giving an overview of the responsibilities of this position.

Board Foundations –  this is a course with 5 modules where we consider the nature of being a board, the attending to the upholding of school vision and values, principles of good governance and board in community.

Board Functions – this course has 11 modules focused on the practicalities associated with being a well-functioning board. For many boards, these modules give clarity around everyday board roles and functions.

Board Life  – The first module of this is ready for you to access. This module looks at “Assessing your Board’s Performance” and is important for all boards to consider.

We would encourage your board to consider working through one or more of these modules as part of your board processes. You do not need to do them sequentially – you can choose topics that are most relevant for your board in its current context.

Don’t forget that CEN is also available to do face-to-face board training. These workshops can be helpful opportunities to have a facilitated discussion about key topics. Please contact your SEO or the CEN National Office for further details.


Kathy Pereira

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