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From our CTJ Editor

CTJ is rich and accessible reading and reflection for those called to the vocation of Christian education. Recently when challenging the staff of a non-CEN Christian school by asking them, “If you are not reading the Christian Teaches Journal then what Christian education professional reading are you doing that is in line with your vocation and the vision of your school?”, the principal responded with subscribing the entire staff of 50 teachers to the journal.

There is not a lot of alternative options to CTJ. So if your staff are not subscribed to, and engaging with CTJ, what professional reading are they doing in line with their vocation and the vision of your school?

CTJ is CEN’s professional journal–it’s your professional journal.

Click here to scan over previous editions.

I suspect that for an internationally recognised, quality Christian education professional journal, CTJ is highly affordable for CEN schools. As an example, to subscribe all teachers to the 4 editions per year:

10 teachers $180 total
20 teachers $360 total
50 teachers $900 total
100 teachers $1800 total


Happy to chat more at any time.

Also, don’t forget the rich professional benefit some of your staff can have by contributing articles to CTJ.

Chris Parker

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