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There is a comprehensive timetable of PD courses across the country now on our website. CCE and God’s Story are PD courses designed for whole school communities and a number of associations have already experienced these this year. Later this year a CCE 2 will be available focussing on programming, pedagogy, and people within the Christian school community.

The first trimester of our postgraduate program will begin in a couple of weeks. Please make this known to your teachers and encourage enrolments before they close. Not everyone will complete a postgraduate course but leaders should be targeting people for future leadership in our schools and supporting those people to study with the National Institute for Christian Education.

Click here for enrolment forms.

Simply type your responses directly into the form and email to before the 18th of February. 

Semester 1 dates: 18th February – 6th June 2014.

Remember, CEPA members receive a $50 discount on unit fees.

We also have FEE-HELP available.

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