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8th August 2015

Developing Leaders Conference

The Developing Leaders Conference has been a significant event on the CEN calendar over the past 14 years. This year is no exception! Many principals have attended the conference in the past and have found it encouraging, challenging, and a great opportunity for networking.

The theme for the conference this year is “Here I Am”. Here I am to worship, lead, and serve.

This year it will be held on the Gold Coast from Tuesday 18th – Friday 21st August.

Christian Education National conducts an annual conference targeting teachers who have been identified by their school leadership as a potential leader within Christian education in Australia. Delegates are primarily from CEN schools but have come from a variety of contexts around Australia.

Topics such as what is a leader, traits of effective leadership, leaders shaping their sphere of influence, leadership dilemmas are engaged. All of these sessions have as their foundation a cross-centred worldview and have an interactive and pragmatic dimension. Previous delegates speak of the richness of hearing from experienced leaders and what they have learnt in their journeys—in fact many key leaders in Christian education in Australia will speak of the inspiring influence that this conference had on their leadership path.

Schools are encouraged to send delegates for two years to consolidate and deepen their thinking and learning on leadership.

Further study opportunities are available for delegates towards their postgraduate study with the National Institute for Christian Education through follow-up study groups with Institute lecturers organised regionally.

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