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Consultancy Update

Don’t forget to contact Melinda or Michelle if you would like to arrange a consultancy quotation for your school.

Consultancies include:

–   Governance (Board Review)
–   360 degree review
     o  Principal
     o  Deputies
     o  Executive teams
     o  Middle Management
     o  Business Managers
     o  Chaplains
     o  Teaching and Learning Coordinator / leader

–   Financial Overview
–   Quality Teaching / Performance and development
     o  Student perceptions – How well am I learning?

–   Community Response
     o  Parent Satisfaction
     o  Staff Satisfaction
     o  Student Satisfaction (perceptions on all of school life)

–   Packages
     o  Whole School review
     o  Governance / Principal Review
     o  Administration and Finance

–  Recruitment
     o  Principals / CEO
     o  Business Managers
     o  Deputies

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