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Christian Educators’ Professional Association

CEPA is in the process of a re-vamp. Though it will continue on its new journey to be a relevant community of educators that truly helps to grow Christian education. We want CEPA to provide useful tools, resources and learning for you and your staff. This is a journey we are excited about and hope will ultimately result in blessing for your staff, schools and indeed, Christian education around the country.

As many of you are aware, there are numerous changes coming to the Association this year. I would like to update you all on their progress.

New CEPA website: The development of the new CEPA website is well under way. You can view a video with some early screenshots of the website here: . The new website has been designed to be more intuitive and accessible. Our goal is to have this website up and running by the end of April.

Subject focus months: When the new website is launched, we will be introducing subject focus months where every second month, a subject area will be targeted. During this month we will be uploading resources for that particular subject area with the goal of developing an extensive collection of fresh resources. We have already gathered a large database of work to share. Thank you to those schools who have already contributed resources.

Weekly blog: Weekly blog posts will be introduced to CEPA when the new website is developed. These blog posts are already being written by members who have committed to contributing on a regular basis and will be ready to be published when the website is implemented. These blog posts could be used as great discussion starters with your staff.

Accredited online professional learning: Outlines for online PDL courses have already been developed and we have Mark Roques, Rod Thompson and David Smith who have agreed to contribute video for these courses. These courses will be one hour in length and free for all CEPA members. We intend that the first course will be available for staff at the beginning of Term 3. New courses will then be available each term.

Bulk subscriptions: With the new website, schools will be able to subscribe their staff to CEPA through bulk subscriptions. Our aim is that this will be a straightforward process through the website. There will also be a discount for schools who sign members to CEPA in bulk. The size of the discount will be based on the percentage of teaching staff from your school who register to a maximum of a 25% discount if you register all your staff. This means that even if your school only has 3 staff members, if they all sign up through the bulk subscription option, you will receive the full 25% discount. The system is designed to be fair to schools regardless of size.

We are excited to be able to bring these developments to you. Our prayer is that CEPA becomes an Association that is truly beneficial in growing Christian educators and strengthening Christian education around the country.

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