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Christian Education Around the World

Ken Dickens recently made these observations.

“I have recently had the opportunity to glimpse the scope of global Christian education. Christian schooling is small but growing in Europe. Dutch schools appear to be recapturing their original vision. Post-communist Eastern Europe is experiencing a new found freedom in Christian education. I spoke to an hungarian principal whose school started in the 16th Century after the Reformation! His school, like others, had been taken over by an anti-Christian government but now given back so that what was started in the 16th Century can continue. There are many different kinds of Christian schools in the UK with different degrees of funding. Schools most like ours receive nothing from the government and are subject to strong public prejudice. Staff are paid significantly less than their counterparts in state and ‘free’ independent schools.

Australia is indeed blessed in the area of Christian schooling. We need to make sure that government funding makes us neither complacent nor unaware of inappropriate control. However, while we have many Christian schools, we lag behind many other countries in the area of Christian tertiary education. There are many Christian universities in Africa, Asia, and especially the Americas. We can learn much from these places and perhaps seek partnerships as we tackle this exciting challenge here. It’s not so much about protecting our young people from the world but preparing them to engage intelligently and confidently in it.”


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