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CEPA Update

As a result of an extensive review process, the Christian Educator’s Professional Association (CEPA) has recently undergone a number of changes, including the development of a new website. We also identified a number of goals to work towards for ensuring CEPA was meeting its vision.

Our vision:
The vision of CEPA is to provide an Association through which Christian educators can network and share, whilst also encouraging their growth through professional learning, discussion and resources. We long to see Christian educators working together, sharing the rich depth that exists within our schools for the glory of God’s kingdom and the benefit of Christian education.

What does CEPA offer?

Along with the changes listed below, CEPA offers:

  • Discussion forums for asking questions, seeking advice, and sharing ideas
  • Resource database of teaching programs, lesson ideas, policies, curriculum development samples and more
  • Event listing of upcoming events relevant to Christian educators
  • A job listing of currently advertised jobs in Christian schools
  • A free subscription to the Christian Teachers Journal and access to an e-version
  • Free trial memberships for one month

Some of the changes to CEPA include:

  • A new website designed to be easily accessible and to enable good discussion
    CEPA videos uploaded from recent conferences
  • A weekly blog post written by experienced Christian educators for encouragement and stimulus
  • Subject focus months where resources for a particular subject are uploaded regularly. The subjects we focus on will alternate so that the resource database is kept fresh and relevant.
  • Bulk subscriptions for schools.  

Coming soon:
We are also in the midst of writing an online professional learning course for all CEPA members. This course is designed to be easily accessible for teachers and about one hour in length. This will be arriving on the CEPA website in the near future and is focused upon how we use the Bible to shape practice in Christian education.

Visit to find out more about the association.

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