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Academic Dean Update

The National Institute for Christian Education has been busy this year with 142 students from across Australia enrolled in 179 Master of Education and Master of Education (Leadership) units. We are happy to announce that the following students (teachers) will be graduating in March:

1. Cheryl Brennan (MEd) – Illawarra Christian School
2. Jason Brown (GradDipEd) – Mount Evelyn Christian School
3. Olivia Chapman (GradDipEd) – Wagga Wagga Christian College
4. David Cobb (MEd(L) – Richmond Christian College
5. Jannet De Bruyn (MEd) – Leighland Christian School – Ulverstone
6. Rosy Ebenezar (MEd(L) – Peniel Schools (India)
7. Stephen Ey (MEd(L) – Tyndale Christian School
8. Joanne Fahey (MEd(L) – Illawarra Christian School
9. Ben Heckathorn (MEd) – Maranatha Christian School
10. Dale Hemley (MEd(L) – Christian College Geelong
11. David Keane (MEd(L) – Northern Territory (No school)
12. Louisa Kee (MEd) – New Zealand
13. Susan Pedler (MEd) – Torrens Valley Christian School
14. Daniela Repse (GradDipEd) – Mount Evelyn Christian School
15. Chad Robertson (MEd) – Palmerston Christian School
16. Jennifer Staj (MEd) – Covenant Christian School
17. Alastair Walker (MEd(L) – Tyndale Christian School
18. Geoffrey Xeros (MEd(L) – Wagga Wagga Christian College
19. Lara Curtis-Morris (MEd(L) – Bayside Christian College

Our Institute lecturers also have continued their academic growth and studies: Miriam Lili completed a second master’s degree – Master of Applied Theatre Studies and I completed one in Theological Studies. Jacqui Stok completed a Graduate Diploma of Divinity. Pete Muddle commenced his doctoral studies. Dr Jill Ireland recently presented an academic paper at Cambridge University in England and several others have presented academic papers recently or will be doing so in the coming months. We are blessed to have such quality academic faculty within the National Institute!

2018 will bring some exciting updates and new units of study. If you have not started your postgraduate studies with the National Institute, I invite you to consider trying your first unit as a non-credit student just to give it a try! From there you can decide your further course of study.

We have bright, new Master of Education and Master of Education (Leadership) brochures. Please let Paul Badman or I know if or when you want more for your staff room or offices.

Beth Beech

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