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A Word From our Biblical Foundations Coordinator, Dr Rod Thompson

I am thrilled to commence working with CEN in this capacity. We have recently returned from nearly 12 years in New Zealand, where I was working at Laidlaw College. I now work as part of the ministry team at Springwood Presbyterian Church in Sydney’s Blue Mountains, as well as commencing in this role with CEN.

Christopher Watkin (Thinking Through Creation, 2017, p. 2) has recently asserted: “to explain the Bible to the culture in which we live is not enough; we must also explain the culture in which we live in terms of the Bible”. Educators and school communities seeking to practice education that is responsive to the good news of Jesus must take this challenge seriously. There is an urgent need for us to be deeply immersed in the Bible, not only so that we can love God, but so that we can discern the times and places in which we live, and be counter-formed as faithful witnesses by God’s truth, goodness, and beauty. The incisiveness of our educational work will depend very greatly on the biblical grounds from which we work. Let’s embrace this challenge together.

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